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Top 5 Different Workout Approaches by Men and Women in the Gym

November 20th, 2007 · 7 Comments ·


In relationship, John Gray thinks Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

When comes to working out at gym, does John Gray’s concept still applies? Let’s take a look. But, take this article lightly.

Top 5 Different Workout Approaches by Men and Women in the Gym

1) Men do only weight training, be it free weight or resistance machine. Women go for yoga, tai chi or Body Balance. Why? Men want muscles. Veins. Big biceps. Big chest. Women do not want big muscle. They want lean muscle. Slim thigh. Toned arm.

2) Men enjoys sweating while working out. The more, the better. Women do not like getting wet this way.

3) Men do not care bout dressing up in gym. Casual wear will do. Men do not care about their love handles or spare tires and they wear whatever they like. Women care about their appearance. They do not want others to see their cellulite. They hate their flabby arms and they want to hide them even in the gym.


4) Men are more stubborn. They are afraid to ask advice. They are afraid of making a fool of themselves. Men have big EGO. Women take instruction better. They ask and they follow.

5) Men’s bodies tend to be less flexible but men have better upper body strength. Women can bend, stretch, and twist without much problem. They have better lower body strength.

So, whose approach is better, men or women’s?

Not here to start a war, but believe both can learn from each other. Come to think of it, the fitness goals is causing this difference between men and women. Of course, the physical differences between men and women also affect how they approach workout in the gym.

(Last but not least. Men are afraid of them in the changing room. Women have no problem be friends with lesbian.)


Share your thought. I would like to hear from you.



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  • sylvesteR // Nov 20, 2007 at 1:06 AM

    Yes, I really agree with what you’ve mentioned afore but I’d like to comment something about men enjoying sweating. Yes, practically the more you sweat, the better it is, but not all men can stand the pig-sty odour,and when the droplets of sweat gets into your eye, you can feel the burning sensation, just like pouring acid into your eyes. Really irritating but of course, some men enjoy the sweat because the smell made them more manly!!

  • Angie Tan // Nov 21, 2007 at 5:25 PM


    I think women don’t like the sticky feeling when we exercise. I welcome the sweat because I know that I’m really working my muscles to get fit.

    Hehehehe… But seriously, I think some guys really like to sit around in their sweatiness.. Ewww… Especially around the weight training area.

    I think I’m one of those rare gals who appreciate a good weight training session too because it builds bones and muscles. ;-)

  • Lisan // Nov 21, 2007 at 9:14 PM

    Good Women vs Men comparison in gym. I like it! Yes, it’s true women have better lower body strength than upper body strength. I tend to get tired easily when training my upper body but not lower body.

    Women also more prone to get fat in lower body than the upper body. The funny thing for women is that the first place fat came off is the upper body, the lower body seem to have more stubborn fats and harder to burn. Maybe it applies to pear-shaped women like me. I’m not sure about apple-shaped women.

    For me, I love to sweat too. The more the better. It shows that my workout is worth otherwise I won’t feel the ‘umph’ in me. :-) My gym shirt always got so soaked up till it turns yellow and old, very acidic indeed. :-P Need to throw away after 2 years or so otherwise it looks horrible!

  • Tami // Nov 25, 2008 at 6:21 PM

    I agree with all the above comments.
    I think women who really like going to the gym now have learnt that if you don’t sweat you don’t gain anything. I love nothing more than knowning i’ve earnt a very long shower. I must admit I go through gym shirts like there is no tomorrow!

  • Chris // Jan 29, 2009 at 4:12 AM

    I feel that this blog is garbage… I went on google to find out some work out rout’s for a co-worker and some how or another found this blog. Men don’t only do weight training. Many men obtain memberships at gyms to lose weight and attend spinning classes or yoga. Men don’t sweat more than woman it all depends on what kind of work out the person is performing but the point of the gym is to strain your body and strain can lead to sweat. As far as men basking in their sweat.. what does it matter as long as the person carries a towel and wipes down afterwards. Your 3 reason… WOW.. Men care about their apperance just as much as women do. that is probably why they are at the gym.. Your 4th topic is outrageous.. When I first started to lift weights I constantly asked guys who looked like gym vets to help me out or I would ask my friends for help. Now that I have learned and have grown guys constantly come up to me and ask for me advice on how to obtain certain muscles. Women on the other hand are more Intimidated to ask for help and are constantly using gym equiment incorrectly. Women actually break I would say about 70 % of the machines at my local gym because they are to afraid to ask how something works. Your last point is just as Random and incorrect as the rest of your blog! Men are stronger in both upper and lower body strength. We have something called testosterone which makes stronger. That is why I can bench 335 X 4 times and you can’t bench 100 one time.. That is why I can squat 405 X 8 and you can’t squat your body weight. Women can be flexible but so can men if they train there bodies to be.. I can walk outside and ask the first women I see to try and touch her feet and I am sure I can do it just as well or better.. All your info is just Nonsense.. Why are men and women different at the gym because society has painted an image of “BUFF” men and “skinny” women to be beautiful..

  • Tami // Jan 29, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    Chris – as it says at the top of the screen “take this article lightly”. We all have concepts of what we percieve. In the gym that I go to, I see what the article is saying. Not all men are the same and not all women are the same. But we can all generalise, it’s what we do best.

    Might I also like to just point out. You don’t seem to like women being able to do anything better than men… hmmm. In fact the only thing you say in favour of women being able to do something better is

    “Women can be flexible but so can men if they train there bodies to be.. I can walk outside and ask the first women I see to try and touch her feet and I am sure I can do it just as well or better”

    and even thats 1/2 hearted.

  • Joe // Apr 9, 2009 at 6:54 AM

    Stereotypes usually have some truth to them, just as these stereotypes do. The important thing is to tear them down, not shore them up.

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