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Top 5 Weight Training Tips For Women

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After reading women’s weight lifting myths, I hope that most female readers will be receptive to the idea of training with weights.  If you are one of them, do read on to find out more to learn about the weight lifting tips.  These tips will ensure you will gain the best result out from it.  As usual, I will not push any unnecessary supplements and never is my style to give one size fits all exercise and diet prescription.  By reading these tips, you will be able to get a great head start and no longer confine yourself on treadmill, cycling machine or cross trainer.

Here you go for the 5 practical weight lifting tips for women:

1) Learn Using Free Weight

Most women start with resistance machines.  Nothing wrong with that for beginner.  But, to gain the most from weight training, I suggest you to learn free weight.  Machine allows you to move a weight along a pre-defined track which may not be natural.  On the other hand, with free weight, you can perform the workout in a movement that is natural.  As the movement can be three dimensional, free weight allows for slight variation in the exercise.  One good example is the Side Lateral Raise for shoulders

In this case, by raising the pinkie slightly higher than the thumb, you are working on different muscle at your shoulder.

2) Choose the Right Weight
Selecting the right weight can be challenging.  Unlike men who like to show off, many women prefer to start with the lightest load.  While it is important to learn proper technique with light weight to avoid injury, if you keep using that lightest weight for months, you will not be able to see much result.  What you should do is that once you have mastered the technique, increase the resistance.  Get a weight that makes your muscles tired at the end of a set after 8 to 12 repetitions.  Remember that you should never feel the pain, but you should feel the burn or fatigued.  By making your muscles tired, you are challenging your muscles to make them become stronger.  So, do not forget to increase your weight over the time.


3) Do Not Forget the Muscles You Do Not See
Most women (and men) work only the muscles they can see.  For example, some women tend to ignore calves while others may not do any workout for their back muscles.  Muscles are like a web and they are built to work together.  In fact, I highly recommend compound workouts which involve more muscle in a single workout.  One good example will be body weight squat which your butt, thighs, calves and even abs will be challenged.  Also, whenever you train your right body parts like arms or legs, do not forget the left one too.  Spending too much time devoted to one side of a muscle may lead to muscle symmetry issue which may cause injuries. Related article – How To Solve Muscle Symmetry or Muscle Imbalance Problem?


4) Measure Your Body Fat And Not Weight
It is common to see your body weight goes up slightly when you start weight training.  Many women tend to panic over the increase of weight and start pointing finger at the workout.  What happens is that you are actually gaining muscles which are heavier than body fat.  In fact, muscles are compact which is good because your arm, butt or legs will have the “toned” look.  It is about how look in the mirror and not how much you weight.  Muscle is also good because muscle itself is a fantastic calorie burning machine.  The more muscles you have, the more calories you are burning, even when you are sitting or sleeping!

Check out my other article – Why Measuring Body Fat Is More Important Than Body Weight?

5) Eat Well and Work Out Consistently
You must work out few times a week, preferably 3 to 4 times weekly.  Feed your body properly with the right amount of food.  If you are cutting calories as part of your weight loss plan, make sure you eat enough protein for muscle recovery and growth.  You may also need carbohydrates too for the energy to pump the iron.  On the other hand, do not spoil yourself by eating a lot more just because you train with weight.  Training with weights does not give you the license to eat pizza, burgers or fried food as supper.

Hopefully, with the above 5 tips will be helpful for all women weight trainers.  The next time you go to gym, do not be afraid, pick up the dumbbell and get ready for some actions.



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