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Two-in-One Special Container for Chickent Nugget and Soda

March 6th, 2009 · 3 Comments ·


Today, not really a fitness post, but more like an interesting fast food update I found from the Web.  A Korean company has creatively come out with dual compartment cup – one for chicken nugget at the top and one for soda at the bottom. The cup is available in two sizes – 20 or 32 ounce cup with the large one is around $5. Currently, Col-Pop is available at BBQ Chicken which has only several stores in the US (New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina).



People Who Like Col-Pop’s Cup

  • Road warriors like the cup when they can have two things with a single container. Having two separate containers may be convenient for them.
  • It is perfect for handy snacking while driving, talking on the phone or working on the computer.
  • By cutting down another container, less rubbish left in the landfills.

People Who Are Skeptical

  • Some think that the chicken nugget may get cold because of the soda or the soda may get warm because of the nugget.
  • Based on the customers’ feedback, the major issue is not about the chicken or the drink, but the cup itself begin to become soft.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes, condensation appeared in the bottom of the chicken nugget compartment. So, if you do not finish the nugget fast enough, the meat will absorb the water and making it less tasty or crispy.


Mun’s Comment

  • The design is perfect for movie goers. Just replace the nugget with popcorn but I doubt the much popcorn can be contained.  The company can have another little compartment on the top for sauce like ketchup.
  • I think the design is more for publicity and branding purpose. Whether it is practical is secondary.
  • Last but not least, if I blow bubbles, nuggets will dance at the top?

Actually, this cup is not new. Some years back, a Japanese company has already had it except it is for fries and soda.


Sometimes, I am really amazed with this small little gimmick done by the fast food companies.  No wonder many just find it hard to say No to them.



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