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Who Else Want To Get Whole Body Vibration Training?

December 10th, 2007 · 4 Comments ·


I mentioned vibrating training technology used by YouBreathe to train respiratory muscles some time ago. Today, let’s look at one of the growing trends – whole body vibration training.

Many years ago, Russian cosmonauts actually used vibration therapy to combat the degenerative effects that zero gravity has on muscle and bone tissue. It was then used by Soviet Union’s Olympic athletes during the 1970s. After the Cold War, western world started to find out about this training method.


Now, business minded companies have turned this rehabilitation tool into an exercise equipment. Some of their claims:

  • These vibration machines move your bodies in many directions when you stand on the vibrating platform with hands holding the vibrating handle.
  • At the right vibration frequency, muscles will be contracted. Your body reacts to the extra resistance, not caused by weights but by vibration force. Your body then has to adapt to overcome this greater load. When you perform workouts (like squat, press up or crunches) on the vibrating plate, you are getting more muscle fiber recruitment. The vibration makes simple exercises more difficult. It forces muscles to work harder in a shorter period of time.


  • Therefore, the vibration training improves muscle strength.
  • Because more anabolic hormones growth will be produced by your body, muscle fibers will be stimulated into growing too.
  • Some even mentioned that vibration training helps prevent bone loss.
  • Weight loss occurs too because of increase of metabolism and reduction of cellulite are another selling points highlighted.
  • Because of the improved of blood circulation caused by the vibration, it leads to healthier looking skin.


Yes, I know some of the benefits are hard for laymen like us to believe. That’s why some people say that it is another equipment specially made for busy city folks as manufacturer claims that this equipment will shorten a normal 1-hour workout to be less than 15 minutes. That’s even rumor saying that few celebrities including Madonna and others have actually been using this secret training machine for a while.

Some of the key players in this field is Power-Plate and VibroGym. Closer to home in Malaysia, Gintell has similar vibrating machine called i-So targetting women who want to “shake away” the body fat.



My comments:

  • I have no issue with these creative inventions. However, my concern is that some of these benefits may have been exaggerated.
  • Also, please be aware that pregnant woman or those who have fresh bone fractures or joint replacement are not recommended to use these machines. Based on what I found from the net;
    • Some users complain about severe itching in the parts of the body exposed to the vibration stimulus.
    • Major drop in blood pressure may occur for some who start the vibration at too high intensity without warming up. Thus, headaches after training can happen.
  • While vibration training can add variation to a workout programme, it should not be used as a replacement of the conventional weight training.
  • Also, I advise you to continue your regular cardiovascular exercise. Why? Vibration training will not cause changes in the heart muscle as seen with cardio training. The machines will not vibrate your heart muscle directly. You still need to run, jog, swim, dance or cycle to train your hearts.



  • For people who want to “melt” or “shake away” the fat:
    • No matter what scientific theory mentioned by the manufacturers, the principle of weight control is such that the calories consumed must be less than those expended to start a reduction in body fat. So, even with this new technology (if it really works), you still have to control your calorie intake to see any changes.
    • Also, one is expected to sweat during vibration training workout. This short term weight loss may be caused by water loss and not because of the fat. Do not get excited by sweating too much. Make sure you drink enough before and after the training.


Wow, damn big. I mean, the machine.

  • As this machine is a new addition to wide range of machines in the gym, some gyms may take advantage of the situation to sell Personal Training sessions aiming to guide beginner to use this machine.
  • Last but not least, these machines are not cheap. It is more than USD$1,000 per piece and can be as high as USD$9,000, depending on the models and the brands. In Malaysia, GINTEL is selling i-So (a whole body massager for fat loss) at the price of RM2,988 (USD$900) which it claims that the usual price was RM5,988 (USD$1810).

Let’s hope that this vibration training can really bring the benefits to the users who are looking for variation for their training regimen and it is not just another fitness craze. For those who have big bucks to have the luxury at home, check it out at Amazon:



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  • webchic // Dec 10, 2007 at 5:07 AM

    Thats what I thought about this machine MUN, thanks for your useful comments. I also think that going to the gym, watching the boys workout would give my heart beat vibrate better than those machine apart from my cardio workout,lol. Cheers!!

  • stupe // Dec 26, 2007 at 9:09 AM

    for the local marketing scene…shaking off the fats seems like a wonder drugs for some…but seriously, how true will that actually be?

  • Noel // Dec 12, 2008 at 1:56 AM

    Hi mun.. the GINTEL machine is just a cheap rip off, and a real GIMMICK. One needs to experience the Power Plate for themselves in order to be a believer – if you’d like to experience it for yourself, pls email me – I am a certified Personal Trainer attached to a very exclusive boutique fitness centre in KL, and we have the Power Plate.

    I would gladly walk you through a full 30 minute session with the Power Plate if you’re up for it!

    Mail me.


  • Kayla Wilcox // Dec 12, 2012 at 6:58 AM

    Thank you for reminding us how important it is to monitor our calorie intake! So many people I come across these days want to eat whatever they want and use exercise as a quick fix, but when they’re running or lifting weights or even using a whole body vibration exercise machine and don’t see any results, they immediately give up! It’s important to remember that becoming healthy or maintaining our healthiness is a process, and calorie intake plays a huge role.

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