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Why Beyonce Gain Weight Easily?

December 31st, 2012 · 4 Comments ·


I categorize Beyonce in the same league as Jennifer Lopez, when come to body shape.  I would have included Mariah Carey in the same space, but I guess it is bit unfair to Beyonce and J Lo.  These singers are good, but their bodies are considered “not small” when we compare to others who are petite and slimmer.  In a more polite term, “curvy” is a diplomatic way to describe the shape.  Some many think Beyonce’s body is “bootylicious”, I have my reservation in appreciating hers.

In earlier days when Destiny’s Child was still around, Beyonce was slim.  Higher metabolism during her younger days helped her maintain her body in tip top shape easily.  Fast forward 10 years, I am sure you notice a difference.  In fact, if you notice her in Austin Powers: Goldmember in year 2002, she already was walking on the thin rope, being between sexy and curvy.


Beyonce’s younger days

Beyonce has admitted that she has been struggling with her body weight.  She has tried many weight loss experiments, including special diet (Master Cleanse Diet) which allows only liquids, which is ridiculous, in my opinion.

While she should be given compliments on her weight loss effort, I am not impressed with how she did it.  Most famously, while preparing for 2006 movie Dream girls, the size 14 actress survived for 2 weeks on but maple syrup mixed with water, cayenne pepper and lemon juice.  She acknowledged that she did not feel good about herself.  As soon as the shooting was over, she was back to eating burgers, pizzas, French fries and back to her initial weight.  The good thing about Beyonce is that she admitted her shortcoming.

Beyonce definitely belongs to the group which tend to gain weight easily.  Like Jennifer Lopez, instead of showing off her body fat, she makes sure her assets, boobs and back side, get the necessary attention with skimpy outfits.  Her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z, has no grouses about that and said he loves the “real Beyonce”.

Beyonce’s Workout Routine

Beyonce is never a fan of gym.  However, she still runs 2 and half miles daily.  In order to motivate her to run, she has an Oscar painting at her gym facing her treadmill.  When she runs, she is literally running towards her goal.

Beyonce works out 6 days a week.  Apart from running, she cycles, dances and trains on elliptical machine.   Her trainer tries to get her change the cardio exercises every now and then to prevent results plateau and boredom.

She also does weight training with dumbbells right after the cardio session.  She does yoga once a week. She does abdominal workouts every day – crunches, twists, and plank.


Beyonce’s Diet Plan
Unfortunately, the result does not speak for her effort in exercising. If Beyonce works out that hard, what goes wrong?  According to what her personal trainer has set out, Beyonce is supposed to eat lots of vegetables and avoid red meat, alcohol and bread.  Apparently, diet is her weakest spot.  She often gives in.

Beyonce has tried many other shortcuts to slim down.  After trying many special diet plans, she realizes that those plans are not sustainable.  She admitted that the most torturing part is that she was constantly trapped in the diet mindset which took all the pleasure out of life and food.

She ended up surrender herself to those sin foods.  She actually eat pork skins as snack because that is the closest thing to chips that she could eat.  She also cannot resist chocolate.  Therefore, no matter how hard she exercises, without a strict diet, her effort is futile.

In short, Beyonce is not the typical slim girl.  Age is still at her advantage, at least for now.  Only time will tell whether her shape will get worse.  While I can never make her a role model for female readers, but I have to admire her honesty.  Bottom line, she needs to be on a strict diet.  She no longer have the muscular arms and slim waist she used to have 10 years ago.  She needs better self discipline on her diet so that she could get back to her better shape.



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  • Kim Kardashian // Jan 4, 2013 at 6:35 AM

    Beyonce is certainly an endomorph but she can get in shape very quickly as she has access to world class personal trainers!

  • nonsense§ // Jan 23, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    its beacuse shes black. you cant classify black women like theyre skinny white women, the way you cant classify white women like they should have asian bodies.

  • RikiB // Oct 24, 2013 at 2:16 AM

    Beyonce has an amazing athletic woman’s body… Your out of your head!

  • enya // Jul 17, 2016 at 4:20 AM

    Wow you are a harsh person to judge a beautiful woman. you re conditioned
    that only skinny is beautiful, so you are brainwashed!!! Can we see a picture of you so we can judge your appearance? As if you know….maybe we can judge you on your crooked nose and imply that you picked your nose way too often….

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