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Why People Use Magnetic Therapy?

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You probably have read magnet therapeutic values or you have heard people telling you that they have used magnet to relieve neck pain, cure muscle, and boost energy. First, you need to know that there are two types of magnet, static magnet or electromagnet.

  1. Static magnets are normally available in the form of patches, bracelets, belts, shoe inserts, bandages and mattress pads.
  2. Electromagnet produces magnetic field only when an electrical current passes through it.  Some doctors have been using it to treat bone fractures, depression, migraines and osteoarthritis.

Between the two, based on my mother’s experience, the electromagnet is more promising. However, I am still very skeptical. I have tried to get scientific reports from the Web, but they all are inconclusive with mixed results when comes to pain therapy.


Yet proponents of magnetic healing claims that:

  • Similar to acupuncture, alternative health philosophies believe that magnets works with body energy. Magnetic therapy works based on the idea that our bodies form an electromagnetic field. Iron makes up about 4 percent of blood content and every ion in body cells produces an electrical impulse. So, with the magnet, iron and ion, these elements form an electrical magnetic field, even without an electrical current passing through our bodies.
  • Patients who suffer from arthritis because of inflammation. Magnetic bracelet reduce the swelling of the joints by helping the body to excrete excess fluids and eliminating toxins in it.
  • Magnet also raises melatonin levels in the wearer’s body and allow you to fall asleep more easily even with arthritic pain.


  • Some marathon runners actually wear magnetic bracelets both on and off the track. They believe that dilation of blood vessels is a major cause of soreness and injury. Magnet will limit the blood flow to the affected area and therefore diminish muscle soreness and lessening of muscle cramps too. I remember watching many athletes wearing bracelet or necklace. I first thought it is a fashion trend, but later realize that it is the health benefit that makes these runners do so. Two well known brands are Trionz  and Phiten.
    • If you are a baseball fan, you may notice that Red Sox players all wear Phiten necklaces which are supposed to give them energy and stamina.
    • Kara Goucher (American middle and long distance runner) as well as Paula Radcliffe (British long distance runner with world records) were spotted wearing Phiten titanium necklace. When I did more research in Phiten, I was surprised to know that Phiten not only applies titanium to the necklace but to other products as well like compression shorts, tapes, lotion and even gloves.




It is your choice. I cannot say magnet is not helpful. It may be just a placebo effect. Trying something something noninvasive is better to begin a new medication. Trying something is better than trying nothing. In fact, it is safe to use magnet without any adverse side effects.

My mum is one of the strong believers who has gained much benefits out from her magnetic mattress but my the other friend has no success with it. Even my mum, every time she sleeps in other mattress, she feels uneasy and starts complaining about her arthritic pain. So, I can safely say that the noted positive effect caused by her magnetic mattress is not permanent.


My advice is, if it is not expensive, it is up to you to decide whether magnetic healing is something you want to try. In fact, do not just rely solely on magnetic therapy, you still need help from other medications or treatments.




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