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Why You Should Do Lunge For Your Legs?

January 30th, 2014 · No Comments ·


Many give squat the title of “The King of Exercises” for the lower body. If we have the Queen version of it, it will be Lunge. Lunge is an exercise, either you learn to love or you hate. In fact, it is often overlooked in most people’s leg workout. Many people pay more attention to leg workouts using machines, but have neglected lunge which you can do purely with body weight.

If you want nice legs and firm butt (especially for girls who like to wear bikini), you really have to do lunge!

Squat and lunge both work the lower boy, but I see few different major changes between a squat and lunge:

  • In lunge, the torso remains upright whereas you will forward lean your body in squat which you may stress your lower back if not done properly. So, lung is “back friendly”.
  • Lunge focuses more in butt muscles, especially the largest one called gluteus maximus.
  • The greater range of motion in lunge also improves flexibility, especially the movement in raising your legs. Flexibility will enable you to develop more efficient running motion. You achieve more power from the push off. By improving your ability to jump and run, you gain the muscle from functional as well as aesthetic perspective.

Similar to squat, lunge has many variation which you can perform. Here are few of my favorites:

  1. Dumbbell Forward Lunge
  2. Reverse Lunge
  3. Side Lunge

No matter which lunge you are doing, keeping the back in a straight line.




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