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Will We See Nicolas Cage With 6 Pack Abs Again?

December 22nd, 2010 · 1 Comment ·


When I watched Ghost Rider on TV recently, I was amazed to see Nicolas Cage having his ripped body shape with 6 pack abs.  He took on the role in year 2006.  The last role that he is showing his muscles was in Con Air in year 1997.  Even that, he did not go shirtless.

As far as I know, Nicolas Cage is never a “macho” type of action hero baring chest with veins on bulging biceps and blood on shirt.  Surprisingly though, most of Cage’s movies that have achieved financial success were in the action or adventure genre.  Therefore, when he showed off his muscles in Ghost Rider, it is indeed an eye opener for me.

In year 1997, Cage was working out hard with the cast of Con Air.  He was on strict dietary regimen to help him tone his muscle while reducing body fat.  It was reported that the fat percentage was down to 3%, which I really have doubt.  However, I remembered that he looked real fit in that movie.


To prepare for the role in Ghost Rider, Cage has spent 4 to 5 hours a day in gym on weekdays and almost entire day during weekends.  He had to drop his weight so that he looked lean, just like a super-hero.  On the day he shot the scene (which he stood in front mirror checking out his “transformed” body), he was not allowed to eat and was given only candy corn sugar so that he looked more vascular.  He told reporters that he was starving and did not know what to say once it was his turn.

Still, many people did not believe that he was that lean and thought that it was done digitally.  Cage was frustrated with that perception.  He wanted people to believe that it was him real person after going through the pain.  In my opinion, I have to say that his body shape was not sustainable.  Cage starved just because of that 30-second of camera time.  I have doubt he would want to starve every day just to look good.  He himself also admitted that he was dreading that kind of workout again.






After Ghost Rider, we do not see him showing off his 6-pack again.

I hope I am wrong.  Rumor saying Nicolas Cage will still be playing the role of stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider 2.  Whether he still has the will to go through the pain of pumping iron for long hours in gym, we just have to wait and see.




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  • eksk // Dec 23, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    mun , although you have compile quite a list of movie celebrity bodies makeover for their roles, i would like to point out to readers that these are not sustainable in a daily basis for normal people with a 9 to 5 jobs.. they are being trained by professionals and it is their job to get that look…. just keep that in mind…

    take what you can incorporate in your daily routine …

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