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Will You Allow McDonald’s to Advertise on Kids’ Report Card?

February 17th, 2008 · 2 Comments ·


We have seen fast food advertisements in television, newspaper or billboard. But have you seen McDonald’s advertisement appearing on kids’ report card envelopes? It happened in Florida. The advertisement appears on report card envelopes for students from kindergarten to 5th grade.

Mun’s comment:

  • If only kids with good academic results get the Happy Meal. After 5 years, from the body shape, probably I shall know who are getting good results.
  • I am not so sure what makes the school needs money so much that it agrees to have that advertisement to promote unhealthy food to children. From what I read, McDonald’s paid the $1,600 printing costs for the report cards meant for a number of 27,000 students. (They should have asked for more). May be US government should consider cutting military spending and use the money for report cards.
  • report-card-sponsored-by-mcd.jpg

  • As much as I am glad that McDonald’s is encouraging children to get good results, but I hope that kids learn because of knowledge and not because of hoping to get Happy Meal. May be, McD should consider offering only grilled chicken with apple pies and not hamburger as reward. However, given a choice, schools should opt for sports drink, milk or other healthy food companies for sponsorship.
  • Really, next time I walk into a school, I hope not to see the canteen or hall has words like these “This building is donated by Burger King”. I also hope that the teacher will NOT say this, “Today, this History class is brought to you by Kentucky Fried Chicken“. Seriously, if fast food is not allowed to operate in school cafeteria, I don’t really see a reason it can have a place on report cards or its envelope.
  • kentucky-friend-chicken-with-pepsi.jpg

  • Looking at the bigger picture, it may not be fair if we just point fingers at fast food companies for kids’ obesity issue. How about Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic? Why? When kids sit in front of these televisions all days and not exercising, they may be getting fatter too. So, no doubt, in this case, school is an educational facility and kids may be influenced with what they have seen there. But, for child’s unhealthy eating habit, I do not blame the school alone. After all, parents are the one who have greater influence on children’s diet. Don’t you agree? In fact, so far only one complaint made by a parent regarding this report card fiasco. I am not sure about other parents. Guess they all are happy to get a free Happy Meal for their kids because they go there anyway.

Off topic, wonder any condom company is willing to sponsor the printing cost of pay slip paper for the staffs? I am sure my boss will be happy.



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