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4 Fruits and Veggies Runners Should Eat

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Fruits and vegetables are good for health.  Some are nutrient dense than others, still, if possible, we should eat mix of them and not just eat only few we like.  For serious runners who participate in marathon or other long distance running race, knowing a little bit more about fruits and vegetables can help you to benefit from them.  I will share with you 4 fruits and vegetables you should considering eating as a runner and the other 2 you should avoid on the race day.


  1. Almonds are high in vitamin E.  It is in the alpha-tocopherol Vitamin E, to be exact, which is the form that is best absorbed by our body.  That matters because vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damage after running for long distance or heavy workout.  With fewer hits taken from free radicals, muscles will recover faster.  So, these flavorful nuts help prevent achy muscles. Their protein and fiber also keep your tummy from growling on runs, too.  These nuts are easy to carry around and have long storage time. Besides eating them piece by piece, you can also ground them and add them to your cereal or protein shake.
  2. yellow-ripe-huge-banana.jpg

  3. The other fruit I recommend will be banana for runners.  The calories in a banana are digested slowly and help supply the body with a steady source of energy. Bananas are great for an energy boost if eaten about an hour before your run.  Check out the article of Does Banana Contain Fat and Much Calories.
  4. raw-sweet-potatoes.jpg

  5. Alternatively, go for sweet potatoes. This tasty veggie is high in energy-supplying carbs.  It also has minerals like potassium and magnesium, which runners lose through sweating.   Many runners fail to meet their manganese and copper needs, which may affect their performance since these minerals are important for healthy muscle function. You can get them from sweet potato.
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  7. The other fruit which I highly recommend is orange.  Orange is an excellent source of vitamic C which is a nutrient that helps in healing damaged muscle.  Vitamin C helps in absorbing more iron which is an important mineral to prevent fatigue.

Here are few vegetables you may want to avoid on race day:


  1. Avoid broccoli and cauliflower on race days to avoid stomach cramps. The two contain indigestible sugar called raffinose, which is a gas-inducing compound that can mean problems on the trail.  So, if you do not want to go to toilet half way, you should stay away from from any cruciferous vegetables.
  2. The other veggie you should pay attention is spinach.  Popeye may use it to gain superpower to rescue Olive Oyl, but spinach is a high fiber food that again may leave you with the urge to go to toilet on the race day.


Don’t get me wrong.  Those vegetables have plentiful of nutrients.  But, if you have been darting to the porta potties on race day pretty often and wonder why, now you should know if you eat them on a day before or on the race day itself.  You can always experiment by eating very small amounts of broccoli or spinach every day, gradually increasing your intake to see if you can build up tolerance to them.



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