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4 Things I Did To Fight Stress During Difficult Times

December 21st, 2007 · 6 Comments ·


Past few weeks have been tough for me. Few weeks are like few months for me. I did not know that loss of a messy relationship could caused so much disturbance to me. The flood back in my hometown has made thing worse as I was worrying about my parents. Waiting an answer was stressful. Worrying was stressful. Thinking about stress itself can be stressful too. Stress has taken a toll on me, mentally and physically. The shadow of those mishaps is still here, but, I am glad that I have taken them well, though not by choice. Not that I have walked out from them completely, but I am glad that I did not collapse.

Whether you have 40-inch chest or 15-inch biceps or even 6 packs, if your mind tells you that you are sick, you are sick then. One can be fit with healthy body, but if he fails to cope with stress, he is still ill. While I am sitting down writing this post, I have taken a look on how I have lived through the stress for the past couple of weeks.


1) Keeping Positive Thinking
Focusing on the positive is not easy, especially when the things are almost all against you at the same time. When it rains, it pours. It is common to let emotions to take over. But, instead of crying, I learn to laugh. Finding humor under stressful circumstances has helped me relieving tension and divert my thought to a better side.

Present is more important. I told myself that I need to stay in the present and cherish whatever I have. Yeah, I made mistakes, I screwed up big time and I have no control on the past. But, I do not want to keep thinking about the past and things which I no longer can change or control. I decided to focus on efforts and actions which I can control, rather than results.

When the going gets tougher, think of it as a challenge you can win, and if you fail, you have learned from it.


2) Sharing My Feelings
John Gray said men like to go into the cave when we have problem. I did that all the times. But, this time, I talked about it with friends. I wrote about it here in my blog.

I am not a man of steel. Mun is not that strong man as you have thought.

But, that is fine.

Every man has his days. Today, it is not mine. But, one day, it will be. Yes, it will.

Don’t ever feel that you are burdening people with your problems. Trusted friends are there for you, be them just listening to your complaints or give you the necessary assistance.

Don’t keep things to yourself.

Having a social circle gives me the best support for my problems. They shared how they go through the difficult times and I have learned so much through their experiences. Talk to optimistic people. They cheer you up. Negative thinking people will make things worse.


3) Getting Enough Sleep
I have always tried hard to fix problems. So, when I was deep in shit, I keep thinking non-stop, “May be I should try this. May be I should not said this. May be I still can make things better. May be things will get better…”

I spent so much time in thinking and getting to bed was something I thought non-productive at all. But, after few days, I realized that not getting sleep increases stress and making things more stressful.

Don’t think too much. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t smoke. Go to sleep instead. Having a clearer mind has helped me to see things better.

4) Exercise
I did not go to gym for weeks. I just felt so weak. Everyday was another gloomy day. Everyday was a stressful day.

But one day, I packed my gym bag and decided to push myself to exercise. I ran and I cycled to make myself sweat. After the hot shower, I felt fresh instantly. Getting to bed was a pleasant experience for me that night.

The next day, I jogged outdoor in a park. Appreciating nature can be incredibly refreshing.


Above are the 4 ways I have used to fight stress during this trying period, without me realizing it actually, not until when I thought about it just now. It is important to learn to manage stress levels to prevent further anxiety and depression.

To Share With People Who Are In Similar Difficult Times:

“You can’t control the length of your life,
But you can control the width of your life.

You won’t know what will happen tomorrow,
But you can fully utilize today.

You can’t win in everything,
But you can always give your best.”

I will give my best. I hope you will too.



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  • ST // Dec 21, 2007 at 3:00 AM

    I’ve often heard that exercise relieves stress and have honestly only found this to be true regarding yoga. More visceral exercise has been a stress reliever in a purely physical way for me, but yoga has more of a direct effect on my mind-body balance. Have you tried yoga? It’s honestly gotten me through some of the toughest weeks. The bit about having a strong social circle, I’ve also found to be true. It’s tough when your friends are just as stressed out as you are though :)

  • webchic // Dec 21, 2007 at 9:34 AM

    Truly inspiration to all. Thanks again mun. Wishing you for a brighter year in 2008.

  • xiong // Dec 21, 2007 at 2:50 PM

    Ups n downs, that’s life, i am one depress bastard, but I learn how to live with it ..cheer up bro

  • stupe // Dec 26, 2007 at 9:05 AM


    tummy in, chest out and head held high…stay strong, as you are and i wish for the best for you next year and years to come!

  • Fabio // Feb 25, 2008 at 8:41 PM

    You know, I think that keep thinking positive and sharing your feelings are the key points. Yet, exercising helps a lot too. Doing it you’re taking care of both mind and body. And that makes all difference.

  • Tami // Nov 25, 2008 at 12:39 AM

    I’ve been reading alot of your blogs over the past few weeks as I find them all insightful and funny and interesting.
    I would like to comment one!!!
    It’s really nice to see a someone (a guy especially) who understands that you can’t bottle it up. Few relationships survive when people don’t share their emotions, be it with a partner or with friends. And this can lead to a downward spirial, as by not opening up you’re pushing people away and then wondering why people wont talk to you!
    I’m really glad you talked about this.
    I hope this particular message gets out!

    (^_^o )

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