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5 Practical Buying Tips for Bathroom Weighing Scale

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Taking your body weight reading is an easy way to monitor your weight loss progress.  After all, the numbers seldom lie.  You know that you need a bathroom scale, but you are not sure whether you should get a typical analog bathroom scale or a more features rich digital scale.  Different people have been telling you different stories.  No worry, I will share with you some of the tips so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are 5 practical buying tips for bathroom scale:

  1. Most analog scale changes its reading based on how you stand on it.  It has a mechanical needle to indicate your weight.  It actually measures weight by the distance a spring deflects under load.  Digital scale works based on the same concept too.  Because of that, both types of scale is about the same when comes to accuracy.  Having one or two decimal places of your weight reading shown by digital scale does not mean it is more accurate.  Just that most digital scale comes with auto zeroing feature without the need of manual calibration you may have to do with analog scale.  In other words, less hassle with digital scale.
  2. Second, do consider scale with easily readable display.  Make sure it comes with both kilogram and pounds reading.  The larger the screen or the dial on analog scale, the easier you can take the reading.  For most digital scales, some manufacturers provide huge bright LCD making reading much clearer.  Therefore, instant display of the weight and ease of reading are the key advantages of digital scale.
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  4. Measuring body fat percentage is one of the latest features found on bathroom digital scale.  Yes, knowing body fat percentage can be helpful in muscle building and fat loss.  The scale detects your body fat by sending a small electrical pulse through your body.  Electricity travels differently through muscle and fat, so the scale attempts to gauge your body fat by measuring the current traveling through your body.  Unfortunately, this method of measurement is not very accurate because it depends on your hydration level and temperature of your skin.  Therefore, use bathroom scale mainly for weight reading.  Do not put too much focus on its accuracy in body fat percentage measurement.  It is just the easiest way to do so.  If you are really serious in getting accurate reading of body fat, refer to 4 Ways To Measure Body Fat.
  5. If few family members are using a same scale, you may want to consider getting a digital scale with memory so that you can keep the historical records for each of you
  6. The main drawback of digital scale is that it needs batteries, usually two of four AA or a lithium battery.  Lithium batteries last longer.  Digital scale is also more expensive.  On the other hand, analog scale does not need any battery at all and it is much cheaper.


Few important notes worth paying attention:

  • Regardless digital or analog bathroom, do not place the scale on wet floor inside the bathroom.  In an extremely humid environment, you may see evaporation underneath the screen.  Place the scale outside the bathroom.
  • Also, it does not matter whether analog or digital scale, what is more important for you is to use with the same scale for the reading.  When you lose or gain 3 pounds, it is the same scale that tells you that change.  Relative measurement is more helpful in this aspect.
  • Apart from that, try measuring your body weight or body fat using the same machine at the same time of the day.  Say, if you take the reading in the morning, do the same for your subsequent reading in the morning too.


  • Pregnant women should not use body fat digital scales. The small electrical pulse used by these scales could be harmful to pregnant women.
  • I understand that some people, especially ladies, tend to take the reading more than once a day and get obsessed with small little change.  We have bones, muscles, fluid (blood), fat and other stuffs in our body.  By drinking 1 liter of water will probably make you weight about 1 kilogram but that does not mean that you are fatter now.  Water is not fat.  Taking your body weight reading right after you walk out from the steam room or sauna with less water in your body does not mean that you are thinner too.  So, the better approach should be taking the reading once every 2 weeks or 1 month, and not to overdo it.

Hopefully, with the above buying tips and some tips in using the scale correctly, you will get a scale you want and use it correctly.




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