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6 Tips In Wearing New Sports Shoes

August 19th, 2011 · No Comments ·


My gym buddy showed me the blister he has on his foot after wearing his new running shoes. New shoes are great, but knowing how to break them in will help you getter the best from them. Here are some tips in wearing new sports shoes:

    1. Buy your new sports shoes before your old ones completely worn out. In the event you have blisters because of the new shoes, you can always fall back to your old ones. Alternate between the new and old shoes several times before you completely get comfortable with the new pair.
    2. Do not wear your new shoes in a race, be it badminton or tennis game or running competitions. For example, if you participate in a marathon, it is better to wear your old shoes which are more comfortable.
    3. You should wear your shoes for activities that are not as high impact as your normal activitiesfirst like running or tennis game. Shoes need time stretch out and fit your feet shape before they are comfortable. For my recent running shoes, I walked with them first or run short distance before I finally do my normal run. I slowly worked my way up to longer
    4. If you have been running on a treadmill, then start using your new shoes on treadmill too. Try not to break your new shoes on other surfaces so that you will get the shoes to adapt to the common running surface soonest possible.
    5. Wear the same kind of socks in the new shoes. Do not purposely wear a thinner of thicker socks when you break in the new shoes. Just wear the normal one which you will eventually use.
    6. Be patient. It is common that your new sports shoes do not feel as good as your old ones because it is rather rigid initially. However, provided you have bought a good one for your feet, your feet will fit gradually. The muscles in your feet and legs need some time to adjust themselves. Eventually, you will feel just right on your feet.

Do you have any other tips in wearing new sports shoes?


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