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6 Ways To Raise Your Energy Level

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Once you wake up in the morning, if you know that you have tonnes to do for the rest of the day yet you simply do not have enough energy to follow through them, it can be very challenging.  I used to experience fatigue, especially in the early afternoon, right after lunch.  Low energy level causes you to be unproductive, uncreative and low tolerance with trivial things.  I am talking about two types of energy – physical energy is the one that get you walking, jumping or running whereas the personal energy is the one that empowers you to take on anything mentally.  Don’t you wish to have never ending house power to get things done with persistent high level of energy?

Over time, I learned 6 really good ways to get more power.  I can think better, act faster, and live healthier.  The good thing is that these habits can improve your health in addition fire up your energy level.


1) Get Enough Sleep
First thing first, getting enough sleep is important.  But, getting too much sleep will slow you down though.  So, how much is enough?  It really depends.  8 hours a day works well for me.  Get to the bed and wake up at the same time every day.  Try not to break the rhythm even on weekends.  By doing that, you will be “awake” when you are awake and “sleepy” when it is time to hit the sack.  For people working from home or students, you can afford to take a power nap in the afternoon.  I was told geniuses like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin did that.  But, you do not need 1-hour nap to feel more energetic.  Keep it between 10 and 15 minutes to help you get over afternoon energy slump.

2) Take Deep Breath
From Yoga, I know that deep breathing into the abdomen can help to improve energy level.  You can do this too, few times a day.  Simply take 10 conscious and really deep breaths.  For every breadth, inhale deeply, hold it before exhaling.  Most people breathe very shallowly.  When you take deep breath, you take in more oxygen and oxygen provides energy.  Watch how a baby breath.  Baby takes slow and deep breathd.  So, whenever you are tired, take deep breaths.  Doing do brings you to a more relaxed state.

3) Eat healthy food.

Manage your glucose level.  One of the most important factors affecting your energy level is the amount of glucose in your blood.  Interestingly, your brain makes up about 2% of your body weight, but it consumes 20% of the glucose we ingest.  Too much glucose make you erratic and make impulsive decision whereas too little of it make you feel tired can lose focus.  So, a stable and steady level is better.  But, how can you achieve that?


Food is our energy source.  We gain energy from carbohydrates, sugars and even fats and they come from good sources and some are not.

  • Generally, bad sources of energy are from french fries, sweets, chocolates, white rice, white breads and pastas.  These foods give you immediate and high energy, but it is also true that you will experience an immediate energy drop after that.  You do not have to cut them out completely, just limit the portion.
  • Good sources come from foods with high fibers like fruits, chicken salad sandwich, yogurt, and beef salad.  They are more complex and your body take longer to digest them and therefore energy is released slowly.  Eat less processed food and go for natural food.
  • Do not forget the first meal of the day – breakfast.  People who eat good breakfast tend to have more energy throughout the day.
  • Furthermore, eat smaller meals, but eat them every 4 hours.  So, instead of one massive lunch, take earlier lunch in smaller portion at 11 AM and another meal at 3 PM.  By feeding glucose into your blood in that interval, you will be able to maintain good energy level.

4) Avoid Coffee and Tea.
I know some people actually take coffee thinking that it helps to boast the energy level.  Again, the effect is not long lasting.  Instead sipping the coffee, you should drink more water.  Drink water regularly to ensure your body hydrated and your energy level will remain at peak level.  Water is too plain for you?  Easy.  Add a squeezed lemon or lime for flavor.


5) Exercise.
I know that exercising is the last thing in your  mind when you are tired.  Still do it.  Do cardiovascular workouts such as running, swimming and cycling which you will take much oxygen into your body.  Do these activities periodically, at least 3 to 4 times a week to boost your energy level.  Contrary to belief, even if you feel tired, you will be surprised that exercise will help increasing your energy level after the workout and shower.  Exercise releases “feel good” endorphins.  Also, exercise get your into sleep mode faster and you will wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.

6) Control Your Emotions.
Say no to fear, worry, frustration and sadness.  They take your energy level down no matter what healthy food do you eat.  Do not belittle this aspect.  Having energy is just not a matter of body.  Think of the last time you broke up – how much energy did you have that time?  Yes, it is not easy, but the earlier you get yourself out from it, the earlier you get back your energy level.  Check out 4 Things I Did To Fight Stress During Difficult Times. The other example will be stuck in traffic jam.  Some people will keep honking.  The lack of emotional intelligence leads to unnecessary stress which drains the energy away.  Do not jump or get frustrated over insignificant things happening.  Acknowledge it, get over it and be back into positive emotion.  You are the one who create the emotions, which is a representation of what is happening.  Have the mental power to control and not being its slave.  Choose the right thought, set your goals, develop a positive personal vision and I am sure you will be fired up to get what you want.


Hopefully, by learning the above 6 ways, you will be able to raise your energy level and have a productive day ahead!



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