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A Good Book For Dieters – The Art of Overeating

October 20th, 2012 · No Comments ·


I just read this book “The Art of Overeating“.  It is written by Leslie Landis, a psychologist since 1999.  Throughout the years, she has spend much time in helping people with overeating issues.

The book has a collection of facts and many jokes on the state of our relationship to food.


Some of my favorite quotes:

  • You will eat the weight of about six full grown elephants your lifetime.
  • If two heads are better than one, two breads are better than one.
  • Instant gratification saves time.
  • Eating is good exercise for your jaw.
  • Overeaters get a lot of attention.
  • Be a good guest and offer to do the dishes.  You can lick each plate clean.  If anyone catches you, say you are trying to be eco-conscious and save water.
  • The best way to eat healthy is to eat in large quantities.  How else can you be sure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need?
  • How to look like a noodle when you eat like an elephant?
  • You want to be true to your family and body type. If your kin are big people and big eaters, then that is your destiny and it is your duty to fulfill it

Not only the words, the pictures are art in themselves which will keep you smiling.

Read the book with a pinch of salt.  Read it with open mind.  Humor is a great medicine.  After all, humor can be a great tool which is more effective than nagging.  For people who love food and laughter, it is indeed a treat worth indulging in.

I strongly recommend this book.  Get this book and have a good time!



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