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A Weird Face, Neck and Chin Exerciser

February 15th, 2012 · No Comments ·


When I came across this interesting device, I found it funny and decided to share it here. This device has not got a name yet. The inventor called it a face, neck and chin exerciser.

As we age, facial muscles weaken and skin begins to sag. In order to reverse the process, according to the inventor, we need to work out those muscles, just like we work out in the gym for our biceps, chests and thighs. Day to day of talking and laughing is not enough to promote facial fitness. This so called face isolation exercise will work out the face, chin and neck. Once the device is placed in the mouth, with proper distance between the top and bottom teeth, the user then can exercise his face, neck and chin.


I am no certain whether the benefit is true, but it should be safer than surgical face lift. This device can be taken out and can be used as required.

Another similar device is called Facial Flex has been put into production. It has elastic band, which can be increased or reduced, to provide the resistance.


I just have to say another two strange inventions.



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