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Some of the site statistics as of December 2008:

From August 2007 to August 2008:


From Dec 2007 to Dec 2008:


Note: The orange bar indicates the pageviews whereas the yellow bar indicates unique visitors.

  • Number of latest monthly pageviews = About 150,000
  • Google Page Rank = 3
  • Number of Subscribers = 480
  • Traffic comes from:
    • USA (49%)
    • The UK (7%)
    • Canada (5%)
    • Australia (3%)
    • Brazil (3%)
    • Singapore (2%)
    • Germany (2%)
    • India (1%)
    • Spain (1%)
    • The rest from other countries including Malaysia, Netherland, New Zealand, China and others. has become synonymous with “being fit and being strong” and has grown a loyal and influential readership. If you are interested to partner with MunFitnessBlog and reach our audience, contact Mun and we shall come up with a campaign package to suit your needs.

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