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An Apple A Day Keep The Doctor Away

August 3rd, 2012 · 1 Comment ·


Everyone have been hearing this saying too often, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but not many people really pay serious attention to it. In this article, I will share with you health benefits of eating apples often.

People who are paranoid with calories may wonder apples contain much calories.  Before I list down the figures, it is important to know that apple calories play only part of the factors when you should have paid more attention to lifestyle change when comes to weight lost effort.  In fact, it is fair to say that apple nutritional value far outweigh the calories concern.

  • 1 small apple has about 65 calories
  • 1 medium apple has about 85 calories
  • 1 large apple has about 115 calories

For a comparison, about 15 minutes of walking at the speed of 4 miles per hour burns the calories in 1 medium apple.

8 Health Benefits of Apples

  1. Apples contains phytochemicals which are the antioxidants that prevent colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.  They can found in the skin and the flesh of the fruit.
  2. Apples are rich in fiber help in bowel movement.  They aldo have malic acid which helps digestion process.  So, if you have been suffering from constipation, eat apples.
  3. Apples help to lower cholesterol.  So, if you have problem of obesity, consider taking apples.
  4. Apples reduce certain skin diseases.
  5. Apples are useful in treating anemia.
  6. Apple cider vinegar helps prevent formation of kidney stone.
  7. Apples have vitamin A which helps to improve vision, especially night blindness.
  8. Apples consist of boron which helps with bone density.  So, if you want to prevent osteoporosis, start eating apples now.


By the way, apples are rated low on glycemic index.  Glycemic index (GI) measures the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels.  The lower the GI number, the better it is because it means apples supply a steady stream of sugar to blood rather than a sudden spike and so do not turn to fat easily.  High GI means the carbohydrates are broken down quickly during digestion, releasing rapidly into bloodstream.

Just few tips for buying and storing apples – make sure the apples are firm before buying them.  Avoid apples with wrinkles.  If you store apples in a refrigerator, it will remain fresh for a long period, as long as 1 year.

It is better to take apple daily than buying expensive supplements to stay healthy.  Don’t you agree?



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