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Burger King + Microsoft = Windows 7 Whopper

January 15th, 2010 · 2 Comments ·


In late October 2009, together with Microsoft, Burger King introduced a gigantic 7-layer Windows 7 Whopper.  The promotion was done to mark the official launch of the latest operating system software in Japan. The intention of the campaign was to reach out to non-techie audience who may not be aware of Windows 7.  As for Burger King, after closing down all restaurants in Japan in year 2001, it reopened outlets in Japan in year 2007 and it hoped to piggyback on Microsoft brand to attract more customers.  This special Whopper is the biggest burger it has ever marketed.

This burger has 7 patties, 5 inches in diameter, 5 inches tall and weighs more than one and half pounds. While it definitely has got my attention me but, not everyone, including cardiologist, will be impressed with the 2,100 calorie it packs.  For a single meal, this amount of calories is definitely exceed what you should eat.  This super-sized fast food indeed an artery bomb.






If you want to try this burger, too bad, it was only available for 7 days starting 22 October 2009, later extended for another 9 more days due to its popularity.  Each day, for the first 30 customers, it is sold at the price of 777 yen ($8.3).  Latecomers paid 1,450 yen (about $16).  Not really cheap and not a good investment for health too.  But, considering its super size, 3 persons would have share one.  Despite the high price, within the first 2 days, Burger King sold 1,700 burgers.  The count reached 6,000 two days later.

Good or bad, this joint creative promotion definitely has created publicity for both companies.  The thought of cramming this soggy mountain of meat and grease into a mouth make me weak at my knees.

I am not sure whether Microsoft will name its subsequent operating system as Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 10 and so on.  If that is the case, be ready to wait for the 8-patty, 9-patty, 10-patty…Whopper!


By the way, may be I should suggest this burger to Steve Jobs, to help him gain some weight…




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  • Ken // Jan 16, 2010 at 12:27 AM

    Irony, considering that Windows 7 is actually leaner and less bloated compared to Windows Vista.

  • FJ // Jan 16, 2010 at 3:40 AM

    From a marketing standpoint… pure brilliance.

    Form my stand point… *barf* I didn’t know they were selling these things for real… i figured it was some joke. But lo-behold, what do you know. We are spreading our American-ness on the Japanese.

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