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Can I Work Out or Exercise After Donating Blood?

January 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments ·


If you are healthy person who has been exercising regularly, after you donated blood, you wonder whether you can exercise right after that.

The answer is no.  You should only exercise after at least 5 hours of resting. Do not run, swim, do weight training or other rough movements during the first 5 hours of donation. In fact, even after that period, your competitive performance in the court or track may be affected.


Normally, you will donate between 450 ml and 470 ml (less than 1 pint) amount of blood. Though the amount is less than 10 percent of blood volume, you need to drink lots of fluids so that the loss will be replenished within 48 hours. Your body will take some time for the blood hemoglobin levels to return to normal level. We need hemoglobin to transports oxygen in our bodies. If you continue to exercise at high intensity which you need to sweat a lot, your body may take longer time to recuperate.

Rules Of Thumb:

  • So, for athlete involved in competitive matches, if you want to donate your blood, make sure you do it at least 8 weeks (56 days) before that. A healthy person takes about 8 weeks to recover completely to donate again and therefore we can safely make assumption that an athlete takes about the same time to back to his original level.
  • As for laymen like us who are not in any tournament or competitions, 5 hours is good enough for low intensity exercise and 2 days is for us to back to gym for our regular exercise. If you are dizzy, stop your workout immediately. Your body is telling you that you need more rest.


Do not be hesitate to donate blood. Donating blood consistently can help prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol levels significantly. More important, you save lives.



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  • foongpc // Jan 27, 2010 at 11:56 PM

    Thanks for this useful info! : )

  • Dave // Jan 28, 2010 at 3:05 AM

    Very timely and helpful post! I am donating blood next week, and I am glad that I can get back into the swing of things the next morning. Although I do tend to give myself the next day off, just in case. And as a little reward, too.

    Thanks for posting this.


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