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Can Reboiled Water Cause Cancer?

April 20th, 2013 · No Comments ·


When large baubles are rising from the bottom of the pot to the surface, the water is boiling.
You should keep boiling the water for 1 minute to kill bacteria, parasites and viruses.  The time for water to reach the boiling point and then cool down gives sufficient time to kill those harmful organisms.

Now, should you reboil water or can you reboil water? 

You do not have to reboil water another time to kill off bacteria.  Boiling once is good enough.  Some people reboil it when they need it to make tea or coffee.  I have heard people telling me drinking reboiled water can cause cancer.

The truth is that reboiling uncontaminated water does not cause cancer.  However, if you drink contaminated water, whether you have boiled it once, twice or more, you have higher risk to get ill and it can be cancer or any other illness.  For example, if the contaminated water has nitrates or arsenic, boiling water actually increase the concentration as water has become less.

If you like drinking tea, you should not use reboiled water.  Reboiled water has less oxygen.  Your cup of tea need more oxygen to make it taste good.  Oxygen is needed for the soluble essential oil (in tea leaves) to react with water.


So, in short, boiling water kill biological impurities but can never clean chemical impurities.  Make sure you have a water filter to filter those impurities.



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