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CNergy Fitness Founder Told Why Malaysians Should Join Its Card Program

October 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment ·


I wrote about CNergy Fitness about one and half year ago in my defunct old blog. CNergy is not a gym, but a 1-year card program which allows the members to visit selected gyms in Klang Valley, Malaysia. These gyms include Gold’s Gym, EITP Fitness Sports Image, Fitness Network, Clark Hatch, Phillip Wain and others. Members are also be entitled to some good discounts from selected merchants including Royal Sporting House, GNC, Pathlab, Sports Planet, Summit Climbing Gym and hers.

Had the chance to talk to the founder, Yu Jin. Let’s find out what he thinks about his company and why should the gym goers consider its card program.

Mun: Hi Yu Jin, first of all, thanks for accepting the interview. Why not you start off by telling us why CNergy and why not building another gym?

Yu Jin: Sure. First, by having a privilege card instead of running a gym, I have the freedom to tie up with any gym that I want to. Through CNergy, I do not have expensive overheads of running my own gym, of which I can channel to membership privileges.

As for gym goes, they will have more choices and get to experience different places instead of staying with one place.


Mun: Great. How many members do you have now and what is your target number by end of year 2007? Are you targeting a specific group of customers?

Yu Jin:
We currently have over 1000 members. We hope to increase the numbers significantly by next year. We have managed to get many members without much advertising or promotions. Most of them know us from word of mouth. However, we are planning for an awareness drive soon, starting with the “Fit For Life” Weekend which we will be running from 19 – 21st October 2007 in 1-Utama.

Our main target customers are gym virgins – those who want to start working out but don’t know where to begin.

Mun: That is good. Which are the bigger gyms and merchants you have partnered with?

Yu Jin: We have Clark Hatch, Gold’s Gym and Phillip Wain which are internationally known brands. The rest of them are good quality, privately owned gyms. Many actually prefer the latter as their service is almost always better.

Mun: What is in there for the gyms and merchants? What do they get when CNergy member visit the gym?

Yu Jin: We pay the gyms in advance for usage. The gyms are in a winning position – they do not have to fork out any promotional or marketing monies or effort. We do all of those. Most of the gyms we tie up with have excess capacity, even during peak hours. In addition, the additional traffic makes increases their revenue through personal training, spa, massage, supplements sales, etc.


Mun: I see. As the CNergy card fee is only RM720 whereas your partner gym is charging RM1,100 to RM1,500 for a yearly membership fee. Will a user then buy CNergy card and use it to visit that particular gym regularly?

Yu Jin: What we do is that we buy the “slow days” from each of these gyms. However, the slow days are all different, which is good for the CNergy member. We have managed to find a balance between the gyms and us. Most of the people who join us are newbies which means that they would otherwise not step into our partner gyms at all.

Mun: I remembered that CNergy yearly membership was RM599 in March 2006. Now, it has been increased 20% to be RM720. Will you mind share with us the reason of doing so?

Yu Jin:
We have since increased our privileges to include yoga centers, kickboxing classes and sports centers. There are also more merchants where members can get discounts from as well as events like health talks. The increase is actually only RM10 per month, which is minimal.


Mun: Fair enough. At your website, under the Gym & Merchants section, I do not find any information about the time I can go to each gym. So, can I assume that with CNergy card, I can go to Clark Hatch Mont Kiara anytime, including using the swimming pool during peak hours?

Also, it is indeed good to know CNergy has tied up with merchants like Royal Sporting House, Sports Planet, TNT Kickboxing, Sunway Lagoon and even GNC. Where can I get this information?

Yu Jin: It is actually on the website under “Membership Privileges”. We make it a point to be very clear about the workout times. Our consultants will always send the membership privileges to members prior to them signing up.

Mun: Once CNergy has many members, I believe that you will be able to set up a small community for fitness enthusiasts. What is your plan for your members?

Yu Jin: We plan to organize much more than what any single fitness center can do. We definitely plan to have more member outing for activities like rock climbing, adventure caving, paintball, futsal, bowling which are available through our merchants. We also plan to have a newsletter which will update members on the latest happenings.


Yu Jin himself is a regular gym goer.

Running a business is challenging. Once again, I salute your entrepreneurship. Do you do this alone? Do you plan to set up similar card program in other countries?

Yu Jin: It has been very challenging initially as many people do not understand the concept. However, they have come to realize that we are a bona fide organization with a real passion for fitness. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. I initially started the company alone but I have managed to build a small but strong team to support me.
As for expansion plans, we plan to expand throughout Malaysia next year and probably to Singapore and Thailand the year after.


Mun: Last but not least, you will have a chance here to promote CNergy card to my readers – why they should consider buying the card? Also, how can they contact you if they have more questions?

Yu Jin: Anybody who wants to get fit would benefit from our membership. We give superb value for a very low fee. There simply isn’t anything more affordable than CNergy – even the worn down, neighborhood gym with rusty equipments! We will continue to improve and give the best to our members. After all, members are what makes the company. Many gyms forget that.

To contact us, they can call 03-6203 9776 or visit To contact me personally, drop me a line at

All readers are invited to join the “Fit For Life” Weekend in 1-Utama from 19 – 21st October 2007. There will be performances by Jazzercise, yoga experts, kickboxers, wushu champs, break dancers, games and special deals for health purchases. Those present will be treated with a free body fat test and a lucky draw to win exciting prizes. There will also be a very special price for CNergy Cards on that day.


Mun’s Comment
CNergy did pretty well to get 1,000 members within a year. I would think the membership will be more suitable for students and housewives because of the time slots allocated to visit the gyms. They have more flexible hours compared to working crowd who normally has to work between 8 AM to 6 PM. Also, like what Yu Jin mentioned, for beginners who need guidance, it may be a good choice. However, for regular gym goers, if they have already known what they want, it may make more sense for them sign up a package directly from the gym.

CNergy is not really competing head to head with big gyms. Rather, it complements them. As its tag line says, “The card you need to get fit,” CNergy gives beginners a chance to explore the fun of working out with less upfront fees though it comes with a compromise of the time slots it has with some of the gyms. For me, CNergy will be more than a card program if its community concept works. It will bring its members closer as a close knitted group.


The founder, Yu Jin, has strove hard to provide the best for the members. Let’s wish CNergy all the best and I hope that it will be doing well with its card program.



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  • Elvina // Oct 8, 2007 at 10:37 AM

    The concept is good, but it’s the operational time of some gyms that I dun quite like. Meaning I will have to remember which gym open at what time and it will be frustrating to remember all this… :)

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