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Crazy Things You Can Do To Burn Calories and Become Slimmer!

June 15th, 2009 · 4 Comments ·


In this modern world, science and technology have saved us time and sweat to do many things for me. We have machines to wash our clothes, heat our food, send us from ground floor to tenth floor, take us to supermarket which is only 100 meters away from home… We end up doing less but eating more. We are getting lazy and at the same time, we are getting fatter.

So, how?

No worry. Here are the list of many crazy things you can do to burn calories.

At Home:

  1. Do not use electric toothbrush. Brush your teeth with your hand.
  2. Stand up to take shower instead of lying on bath tub.
  3. Towel your hair dry instead of using a hairdryer.
  4. Do not use TV remote control. Get up, walk to the television and change the channel or volume manually.
  5. When you are watching television, sit on a balance ball rather than sitting in the couch.
  6. After you finish washing dishes, dry them instead of leaving them to drain.
  7. Wash your own car instead of sending it to car wash.
  8. sexy-babes-washingcar.jpg

  9. Squeeze the fruit with your hand and not using juicing machine.
  10. Instead of microwaving your dinner, cook something.
  11. Polish your shoes more often.
  12. When you hang your clothes, bend to the basket and get each cloth up, give it a vigorous shake before hanging it.
  13. For old cardboard box, rip it first and fold it instead of letting the box in its original shape waiting for recycling van to collect.
  14. If you see a housefly, instead of using spray, hit it with magazine or newspaper.
  15. When you talk to someone on the phone, use a cordless phone so that you can walk around while you are talking.
  16. Stretch your leg when you open you are taking food out from your fridge or grill – “kung fu” cooking style.
  17. kung-fu-opening-fridge.jpg


  18. Walk your dog instead of just let him out.
  19. Instead of playing video games or Wii, go kick the real ball in the real field.
  20. Man will love this. Having sex more often. Of course, I mean with a partner.

In Office

  1. Do not use MSN Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger to talk to your colleagues. Walk over to the person and talk. For the same reason, do not make internal calls or send internal emails.
  2. Instead of using automated door, use the regular door (which is normally beside the automated door). You will use your triceps, shoulders and chest muscle to do that action.
  3. Use a smaller glass or cup in your office so that you can walk back and forth to get your water.
  4. When the water dispenser runs out of water, volunteer to change the water container. You will work your chest, biceps, lower back and abs when you pick up that 12 liter water bottle up.
  5. lifting-water-bottle-for-dispenser.jpg

  6. In the office, instead of using the toilet at the same level, go to the toilet upstairs.

Traveling and Shopping

  1. Do not sit in the train. Stand and try to balance with your core muscles. If needed, hold tightly to strap or handrail.
  2. If you are riding a double decker bus, climb up to the top deck to work your legs.
  3. If you are driving, while waiting the traffic light to turn green from red, pull in your tummy muscle to make them contracted.
  4. Instead of using pushchair, carry your baby in a sling or hands.
  5. Use stairs instead of lift or escalator.
  6. Carry a basket instead of using a trolley at the supermarket. If you dare, hang the grocery plastic bags on each end of a stick and carry it back home.


Have fun. Do I miss out other activity we can do to burn more calories?



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  • JL // Jun 15, 2009 at 3:16 AM

    Hahahahaha at kung fu cooking.

    And yes to sex :P

  • jaysiefert // Aug 21, 2009 at 3:10 AM

    One thing that I always do is to simply run up and down the stairs of their house. Done usually in 15 or 20 repetitions of up and down, 3 or 4 sets.

  • tony // Jan 12, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    Twitch/Shake your legs while you’re seated (although it might be annoying to some people who watch) to burn couple hundred calories a day.

  • elin // Jun 5, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    Yeah shaking your leg is a good one , i can honestly say that it does give you slimmer legs and a lot of people do it although some people can think your wierd, my mum actually threatend to take me to a psycologist cause she thought i had a problem and i was trying to explain that a lot of people do it:-P

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