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Daniel Craig – James Bond With The Best Body

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When Daniel Craig was announced to be the James Bond in 21st Bond movie – Casino Royale, many criticized him for being too short and not good looking enough for the role.

Daniel Craig has to give up smoking before he started his workout. He trained 5 times a week. Each workout lasted only 45 minutes to 3 hours with focus in pull-up and bench pressing on his own weight. He also attended yoga classes. His diet was specially prepared. He was trained under two physiotherapists and a personal trainer, Simon Waterson, who is ex-military PE instructor and has also trained other Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Halle Berry. Daniel Craig told his trainer that he wanted to be a Bond who looked like he could kill when he took his shirt off. He finally did it with his huge chest, bulging biceps, and washboard stomach.

When Daniel Craig started filming, producers revealed that he was almost too muscular. Because muscle has affected his flexibility in many of the action scenes and he has to stopped bulking up. His training has then catered for functional purpose. No point having huge muscles if he couldn’t run fast, climbs, jump and fight. Craig has insisted on doing most of the stunt work in Casino Royale, making him different than all previous Bonds including Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.



I know you were looking at Eva Green. But, let’s look at James Bond.

The scenes which Daniel had many female fans for life when he rose out of the sea in his blue Speedo in Casino Royale.




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So, want to see more Daniel Craig in other Bond movies? We will because he has another two to make in his contract.


I know you were looking at Eva Green. But, let’s look at James Bond first.


He might not be the traditional pretty boy like Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, but Daniel Craig beats all of the past 007s in the pectoral department. He worked out hard, didn’t he?


And also the balls. A James Bond without balls is not Bond. So, balls are important. Better take care.

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