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David Beckham and Posh Spice Stunned Their Fans with Steamy Photos

April 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment ·


I know that this is an old news. David Beckham left Real Madrid to join LA Galaxy in America. It is true that David and Victoria Beckham (also well known as Posh Spice) are celebrity couple in the UK. However, in the USA where soccer is less popular, this couple must do something drastic to gain the attention of the media. So, they have stripped down in steamy photos for the August 2007 issue of W magazine. The couple were in various states of undress, including intimate moment on the bed.

David Beckham is the world richest soccer player. Not only from his 6 figures of weekly salary, but also from sponsorship. In fact, his 5-year contract with LA Galaxy could be worth up to £128m to the former England captain and Manchester United star. I guess that is one of the reasons he rather left Real Madrid. Becks is taking his new job seriously and insured his body recently for £100m.




Posh Spice is riding on her hubby’s fame. She’s launching a jeans line, a collection of sunglasses and two fragrances in the US.

But, here are few real life pictures showing the “lovely” couple in a basketball match.








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