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Do You Want To Get Skinny To Be Male Fashion Model?

April 10th, 2009 · 6 Comments ·


I was very thin when I was a teenager, less than 105 pounds (48 kilogram). It was always a disadvantage during physical games like soccer and basketball. None of my friends want to be that thin too. So, it is only normal to think that most guys want to look fit with some nice muscles.

However, things may be different now. While many are criticizing ladies for starving to have size zero body shape, more and more male fashion models are “slimming down” to be skinny. The so called standard body figure for male model is now 6 feet tall, 145 pounds weight and 28-inch waist. Just imagine a guy with long neck, narrow shoulders, pencil legs, and small chest doing catwalk. Seriously, worship of thinness this way is just too much. I hope guys will not fall into it and not being brainwashed thinking that “thin is good”, just like what happen to many women. If this really happens, we will hear stories men suffering from anorexic.




May be I am the one who finds it weird. Fitness models in men magazine are still showing their muscular bodies, especially 6-pack. It is only the fashion models are selected based on their young boy look – thin and tall.  If you wonder why fitness model always look good, check out “5 Reasons Why Fitness Models Always Look Better”.


I do not think these male fashion models are born naturally to be that thin. The industry and designers have caused this unhealthy trend. They are making clothes smaller and tighter. But, are they responding to what consumers need?



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