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Do You Want To Jog In the Water with Hydro Physio Lifestyle?

April 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment ·

Have you tried running in the swimming pool?

Probably you do.

How about running on the treadmill which is placed in the swimming pool?

Probably not.


Now, a company in England has come out a special treadmill called Hydro Physio Lifestyle. It is a water resistance treadmill used not only for exercise, but also for rehabilitation and performance training purpose. According to the company, some of the advantages of running the treadmill in water compared to the normal treadmill are:

  • With the resistance of water, one can increase muscular strength with little concussive forces to the joints.
  • The natural buoyancy of water reduces weight bearing stress. Therefore, less strain on muscles, joints and bones whilst improving cardiovascular fitness.
  • The effects of hydro static pressure can also help improve blood circulation and provide effective treatment for swollen muscles or joints.
  • Athlete’s core stability can be improved by lower body training in water. This core stability workout can be beneficial to athletes across many sporting disciplines. Resistance jets can be used to increase exercise intensity and to improve balance.


So, the key differentiator is the water. In fact, the company claims that training time can be reduced by as much as two thirds while still achieving the same results as conventional training. So, for busy city folks, if you have only 20 minutes to exercise yet want to gain the benefits of exercising for an hour, I guess that is what the company trying to sell to you. This definitely is an advantage for those who wish to maximize their training time.


Why I Think Hydro Physio Lifestyle Is Cool?

  • I like the flexibility in adjusting the water depth in addition to the conventional treadmill speed and resistance.
  • Physiotherapist can watch clearly from side how their patients or athletes are doing.
  • For effective rehabilitation purpose, the water temperature can also be adjusted.
  • You can put different type of liquid inside the tank, probably water with some salt or sugar to change the viscosity therefore making it harder to run. How about ketchup, oil, or even milk?

Things To Watch Out With Hydro Physio Lifestyle?

  • Price wise, $70,000 is the asking price. Layman like me will not be afford to have it at home. Probably only gyms or hospitals may have these machines.
  • Every time one has used the machine, I believe that the water will have to be replaced with fresh water for hygiene purpose.

Seriously, I think that Hydro Physio Lifestyle Machine is still a pretty impressive invention. I would definitely want to give it a try if it is available in my gym.

By the way, the company has actually gone a step further by introducing a version for dog. I mean, dog which is overweight. So, not only for human, but it is time for your pet to get some water exercise too.

Now, that is what you called creativity!



Thanks Beng Chong for sharing this information.



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  • mari // Apr 15, 2008 at 5:26 AM

    I have enough trouble running in air! who am I kidding. if it was at my gym, I’d try it out.

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