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EMS Training Experience

March 29th, 2014 · No Comments ·

Mun’s Note: This is a guest post by Sheng, one of readers.

My name is Low Kang Sheng and I’m both the training coordinator at Activ Studio Bangsar and a instructor at Rebel Bootcamp. I just had the opportunity to experience cutting edge technology and am really excited that such fitness technologies are being developed and brought in to Malaysia. A few year ago it was the Powerplate (which I also had the chance to try when I was in Hong Kong), and this time around it’s something called the Miha EMS workout.

The first impression I had when I saw this machine was “That looks so cool!”. I guess that’s how someone can feel when you’re trying out the latest technology in the fitness industry, or any latest technology for that matter. With it’s straight out of a science fiction looking vest with all the wires sticking out. I think the Miha can be both intimidating and exciting depending on what sort of a personality you have.

The workout lasted a whole 25 minutes. The first 5 minutes was for tuning up the machine and getting my body used to the feeling. Let us get one thing straight, it’s a weird feeling if you’ve never tried anything EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) related. In short that’s getting your muscles zapped by the machine to force it to contract. I had the guts to go for the intense option during my very first session and even though I think I’m fit, I was dead exhausted by the end of the session. No circuit workout has made me feel like this before.

Because I workout regularly, the next day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although it remains up to interpretation to what extent of feeling sore constitutes “feeling bad”. I can foresee people who has never exercised in their lifetime fearing the machine. There’s just no way to cheat on this. This machine will give you a great workout even if you’re just standing and not moving (you can double what you can achieve if you follow the exercises).

Being someone who’s active and plays sports. The first thing I’ve noticed about myself after the EMS training was how much faster and agile I am with my movements. This I never had with my regular strength training with weights. I later read studies showing results of professional athletes using the machine to boost their performance.

In my opinion, there’s no denying that this is great technology. There’s no other way I can think of right off the top of my head that can give such an effective and efficient workout within a 20 minute span. Only cross fit routines comes close. Can it ever replace old fashioned workouts? No I don’t think so. I still believe in the traditional cardio, classic weight lifting, my great cross-fit and bootcamp workouts, but I’ll definitely compliment those with this Miha training. It offers something the others don’t.

I can this as a great way to maximize the benefits from a limited amount of time for exercising. I think busy people would love how quick you can be done with a good workout. Or lazy people who don’t want to even think about moving, don’t worry the machine will make you move. Although, don’t forget: the normal exercises still work and if done correctly will beat any technology in the long run.

Happy exercising guys!




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