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Exercising Having Hydrotherapy with AquaFit 19 Dual Temp

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We never get bored reading creative businessman’s idea. AquaFit 19 Dual Temp spa is another item make the headline recently. Produced by Dimension One Spas, AquaFit 19 DT is a mini gym cum spa.Some of the its cool features:

  1. AquaFit 19 Dual Temp has 23 water jets which provide enough thrust to allow for stationary swimming. High-volume jets are adjustable for spped and pressure to provide speed, pressure and current for swimming and aerobic activities.
  2. The empty tub itself is already weight close to 1600 kg. Once it is filled with 6550 liters of water, the total weight will be more than 8000 kg.
  3. As the name suggests, it has two separate temperature controlled areas– one meant for exercise and the second one is a hydrotherapy tub
    • At the exercise area, you may do stationary swimming or run and both are full-body workout. The three available aquatic fitness accessories are the Rowing Kit, the Exercise Bar and the 6 Bar Set. This equipment is water proof. You can mount these aquatic fitness accessory and start rowing or doing triceps pull-down. Exercising in water offer low impact benefits. Less stress is felt at joints and therefore recommended for elderly who has arthritis.
    • At the hot tub area, the massage jets will sooth your muscles. You can relax or warm down here.






Mun’s Comment:

  • I believe that the company tries to target family for AquaFit. Children love it. Adults can exercise – swim, run, row and lift weight. They can also relax at the hydrotherapy tub. It creates a fun aquatic environment.
  • In addition to lower impact felt underwater, you do not feel that you are sweating while exercising.
  • The type of exercise you do in AquaFit is only limited by your imagination. I will want to try doing Yoga in there. The warm water will increase blood flow and mobility for better flexibility.

However, with the price tag of $40,000, only the rich can afford this tub.






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