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Forearm Workout (2) – Dumbbell/Barbell Wrist Curl

April 20th, 2010 · 2 Comments ·


The forearms do not usually need too much training as they get worked indirectly from other upper body exercise. However, training forearms directly has increased my grip strength and give better wrist support, not to mention more size. It is good to compliments a good upper arm with a matching forearm.

  1. Seated Dumbbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl – Works the inner side of your forearms
  2. Seated Dumbbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl (also known as reverse wrist curl) – Works the outer side of the forearms

Both of the exercises are isolation workouts.

1) Seated Dumbbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl

  1. Sit at a flat bench while holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Lay your forearms flat on your thighs with each dumbbell extending past your knees, palms up.
  3. Lower dumbbells as far as possible keeping a tight grip.
  4. Using only your hands and wrists, simultaneously bring the dumbbells up toward the ceiling as high as possible, without moving your forearms (keeping your forearms flat on your thighs).
  5. Do 3 sets with 8 – 12 repetitions.


2) Seated Dumbbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl (Reverse Curl)

Do exactly the same like above, but palms down.


Tips for either Palms-Up or Down Wrist Curl:

  • Allow full range of motion by fully flexing your forearms and getting a complete stretch at the bottom of the movement. It is important to fully contract and stretch the forearms in these two exercises. Avoid doing partial repetition.
  • Keeps elbows at wrist height to maintain resistance.
  • Alternatively, instead of using dumbbell, EZ curl bar or barbell can be used for the wrist curl.
    • Doing palms-up wrist curl with EZ bar


  • Doing palms-up wrist curl with straight bar



  • Doing reverse wrist curl (palms down) with straight bar



  • You can work on one arm at a time.
  • Instead of putting your forearm on your thigh, you can support them on a flat bench as shown:


  • For beginner, if you find it hard to stabilize your forearm while doing the curling, you can use the other hand to hold it.


Even the cartoon character has actually trained forearms long long time ago. Just look at Popeye. (Nothing to do with spinach, I suppose.)



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  • // Apr 22, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    This is one of the best exercises for forearm workout. The range of movement is small but the impact and the burning feeling is huge !

  • hgh // Apr 30, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    Nice blog and very effective ways of forearms workout that really help me in my workout , i do workout but not did most of the exercise which you provide..

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