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How A Man Can Turn On A Woman Easily Even If He Isn’t Brad Pitt?

April 30th, 2009 · 3 Comments ·


When I saw this book, Porn For Women, I was really curious. Instead of seeing guys showing six pack abs or flesh, I saw men doing house work. Many does not know that dull chores (in man’s eyes) can be such a sensual things in women’s heart.

Yes, this book shows us that women love attentive man. However, like a fairy tale, characters inside may be hard to be found in real life. The models though not super handsome, still eye candies for ladies. The captions are funny and some of the examples are:

A guy is ironing his woman’s dress and say this, “Breakfast is on the table. I’ll have your outfit ready in five minutes.”


A guy packing the trash bag and say this, “As long as I have legs to walk on, you’ll never have to take out the garbage.”


A shirtless guy holding a vacuum cleaner with one hand and say this, “I love a clean house.”


A guy is putting on gloves in kitchen and say this, “I like to get to these things before I have to be asked.”


This book is rather a self reflection to guys like myself. It shoes how self oriented and shortsighted a man can be. It tells us about women’s expectation. The words shown beside each photo may hard to be swallowed by guys, but definitely a refreshing read for ladies. The book has opened my eyes and make me sit down think about her before my own expectation. I hope that guys who read it are smart enough to appreciate its humor without feeling offended.

The authors are not trying to tell the world that women’s definition of porn is not sex, but they are expanding the concept of what is considered sexy and what can also be considered a turn-on. This book open up another new perspective and encourage readers to find the sensual activities in everyday of work.

For ladies, you can tell your man that in addition to burning fat, house work can actually make him more “sexy” in your eyes. As for man, get a copy of Porn For Women as a harmless gift which I am sure your female friends will be chuckling. The publisher even has a Porn for Women Calendar version.



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