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How Can Cohndom Box Protect Condoms and Save Your Life?

September 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments ·


Condom is supposed to protect us.  So, it is important for us to protect something going to protect us.

So, we have this nice little invention – Cohndom Box. Yes, the spelling is correct.


Not only we have silver card holders to hold business cards or cigarettes, now we have one for condom too. Those discreet containers which can be known as portable condom containers are constructed of durable thermoplastic resin. They are easily portable, making them ideal for in-pocket use. A simple, light, elegant square box that is easily opened at the press of a finger. Yeah, just a finger is good enough when your the other hand is probably busy touching something else.

When female is championing the fairness of both genders, gone were the days when the men are carrying condoms in wallets. So, this small little Cohndom Box is great for both sexes. Even girls can use Cohndom Box to store condoms for emergency use. According to the inventor, Susan Cohn, it is designed to encourage safe sex.


Not only it protects from unintentional damage, it will keeps your desperate bride-to-be girlfriend and prankster roommates from poking your condom with needles.In fact, if you put Cohndom Box in your shirt pocket, who knows, Conhdom Box can even stop bullet, saving your life.


Have fun, bro.



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