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How Jamie Eason Transform Her Body Shape

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Jamie Eason is a famous fitness model who has appeared in many magazine covers, especially those related to fitness and bodybuilding.  She is about 110 pounds and her body percentage is about 10%.

When Jamie Eason was young, she always struggled with her body image even she was not overweight.  She did not pay much attention to what she ate.  After her 1-year stint as Texans NFL Cheerleader, she had a 9 to 5 desk job which took a toll on her body.  She realized she had cellulite on her thighs and skin textures appeared pudgy.  In year 2005, an early detection on a lump on her breast prompted her to seriously look after her health.  She started going to the gym.




After four months, she gained strength with some muscles.  Health wise, she was fine, but still not good.  In other words, she was not getting what she wanted.  She thought of giving up, then, she bumped into her friend who was 10 years older than her, yet looked unbelievable.  After talking to her, she knew that she was missing another important piece of the puzzle – nutrition.  She sought help from a nutritionist.

After another 3 months, with good diet plan and consistent workout, her body had transformed.  The turning point was when the nutritionist and personal trainer encouraged her to set a fitness goal to keep up with the motivation.  Jamie Eason decided to set the bar high and got into a natural figure competition in Austin.  The first time she joined a competition, she walked away being a champion.  Her life has changed since then.  Magazine editors start offering her for photo shootouts.  She continued to do well, including winning the title of World’s Fittest Model year 2006.  While she gains fame, it is her health that solidified her passion and commitment for fitness.






Contrary to many have thought, Jamie Eason does not do cardiovascular exercise often.  She prefers weight training.  Looking at her toned muscular arms, not difficult to tell she lifts dumbbells, kettebells and barbells.  She is a believer in adding muscles to make one’s body to be stronger and look better.  When many of her female fans come to about advice, the number one tip for them is to hit the iron and not to be afraid of getting huge.  She said that most women overdo cardio yet always avoid weight training.  One good example is about having hourglass figure – she recommends women to grow their shoulders to create a better symmetry.  With broad shoulders, the bums look larger and therfore giving people illusion of an hourglass figure.  And to achieve that goal, weight training is the answer.

Due to her hectic schedule, she finds it challenging nowadays to work out.  However, whenever possible, she sticks to her 6-day workout routine weekly.  She trains on her back on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday, chest + arms + abs on Friday and finally legs (again) on Saturday.  Sundays are her rest days.  The reason she trained her legs twice because she has challenges to add size to her legs while she gain muscle easily in her upper body.

Jamie incorporates both compound and isolation works with focus in the former.  If she is really busy, she works out in her room with body weight workouts.  She admits that she has encountered times when she is lazy and not to show up at her gym session.  Whenever this thought takes place, she gets her gym buddy along.

In addition to weight training, Jamie enjoys stand-up paddle board, boot camps and crossfit to ensure her body can be trained in a more functional ways.





As for diet, she eats six small meals a day, about two and a half to three hours apart.  Mostly protein rich food and slow-digestng carbohydrate food.  In fact, clean wholesome food.  Egg whites, fish, chicken, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, homemade turkey meatloaf, cottage cheese, almonds, spaghetti, and peanut butter are some of her favorite.  The tricks are the meal frequency and portion size.

Jamie takes supplements.  Five basic supplements:

  • Protein powder for muscle gain.
  • Multi-vitamin for over-all good health and nutrition.
  • Energy supplement
  • BCAAs for muscle gain
  • Glutamine for faster recovery.

However, she understands that supplement is just supplement.  It is not that you use today and get into shape tomorrow.  It is simple an addition to a sound nutrition plan.  Without a good nutrition plan, supplement does not work.



Jamie is candid about her photos appeared in magazines.  What we saw in the magazines are enhanced with Photoshop.  Also, she is photographed after she has trained specifically for the shoot.  She has to cut down her fluid intake before the photos are taken.  She also admits that it is almost impossible to maintain the perfect look in magazines for long period of time.  Having said that, consistent healthy meals and workout routines helps her keep improving her body shape and health.

Jamie Eason acknowledges that she has not magic pill.  She has to work out hard to earn her body shape.



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