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How Many Crunches Should I Do For Abs?

October 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment ·


When comes to exercise, I have mentioned that quality is more important than quantity. Same theory applies for abdominal crunches. However, too often I still get the question from readers wondering how many crunches one should be doing to see get the 6 packs.

I wish I could say simple answer like, “20 crunches for 1 set and do 3 sets.” Unfortunately, no simple answer to fit everyone.

For me, I will do as many repetitions as possible to make my abs to feel burned and exhausted. It probably is 20 crunches for the first set, 15 crunches for the second set and for the last set, I will do until fatigue which is about 10 repetitions normally. The key thing is to do it with slow controlled smooth movement. So, when someone told you that he is doing 200 crunches in one set, you really need to see the way he does them.

Now, I am not saying that once you feel the burn, you have finished the business. If you really want to give your abs a complete workout, don’t forget to work out your upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Just like strength training for other muscle groups, you need to push yourself hard to increase the number of reps once you get stronger. Do different abs workouts after you are fatigue with one.

Last not least, despite crunches after crunches, remember to do cardiovascular exercises too to get rid of the layer of body fat to uncover your 6-pack!



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  • Donna // Nov 11, 2013 at 8:15 AM

    Totally agree on the quality of the crunch – so many people don’t do good form for crunches and don’t get full range of motion

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