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How To Build Body Like Brad Pitt

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It was the movie Interview with the Vampire which I knew Brad Pitt, but it was the movie Fight Club (in year 1999) which I started paying attention to his workout. Having Jennifer Aniston and later Angelina Jolie as life partner certainly put him in limelight for the past decade.

Brad Pitt was naturally thin when he started his career.

Fight Club is the movie which really put Brad Pitt as one of the most wanted male actors’ body. Not only recognized by female fans, but also by many men who envy his appearance.

Brad Pitt’s Workout For Fight Club

To prepare Fight Club movie, Brad Pitt worked on a single muscle group a day and therefore giving almost a week of rest time to recover. This approach is what known as split strength training. He did 3 sets with 15 repetitions and 1 minute of rest time between sets. He did his workout in a descending pyramid format, from 15 repetitions in the first set down to 10 repetitions in the third set. Total of 4 days in a row, then 2 days of cardiovascular exercise to increase his caloric expenditure even further before taking a day off. Split routines work for people who are thin like Brad Pitt and therefore may not be the best workout plan for anyone. Also, total 15 repetitions is quite a lot. This workout program is not designed for fast fat loss, it was more like putting a final touch on an already lean body to make it more impressive. Some call it “shrink wrapped” effect.



At the height of 6 feet, with only about 155 pounds and 6% body fat, he had that chiseled look in Fight Club. From the bodybuilder’s perspective, Pitt actually is considered small. Just that the low body fat made him look impressive. Low body fat made his flat abs looked solid and his muscles looked “tight”, just like what Ryan Reynolds used to have in Blade Trinity movie. Yes, Brad Pitt is ripped, but not big. It is the illusion. So, if you have been working out for 10 years yet wonder why you still never look like these heroes in the movie, it is the body fat issue. Many have mistakenly assume that in order to look better, they have to bulk up. The truth is that they probably have enough muscle mass, they just need to focus in losing the fat to make the big muscles look more defined.

Young Shirtless Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt in movie in Thelma and Louise (1991)

Brad Pitt in movie Johnny Suede (1991)

Brad Pitt in movie in The Favor (1994)

Brad Pitt in movie in Snatch (2000)


Brad Pitt in movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Brad Pitt’s Diet For Fight Club

Brad Pitt followed on a strict diet with consistent six meals a day. His main nutrition came from whole foods high in protein such as egg white, chicken, turkey, fish, lean meat, cottage cheese and eggs. He also took Whey Protein Powder and protein bar but no other supplements. His carbohydrates intake made up of wholewheat, grains, green vegetables, oats and rice cakes. If you are serious in getting Pitt’s jaw-dropping body shape in Fight Club, you must have a clean diet plan. You cannot out-train with a poor diet. “Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym,” just as Arnold said.

In addition to good workout plan and strict diet, I cannot deny that Brad Pitt has good set of abs and it is from his gene. Not that he has it from thousands of crunches. He has the shape, coupled with low body fat, the abs became even obvious.

While many other male celebrities have good body shape, I have to give credit to Brad Pitt as his role of Tyler Durden definitely has created ripple effects in the fitness industry. The other movie 300 also created similar impact many did not expect.

Within a year, in year 2000, Brad Pitt began the production of the movie Snatch. His body fat percentage rose to 8%, but he still appeared lean. He allowed himself to take on less strict diet on cheat day. In fact, he relaxed his workout routine and no longer trained as hard as he used to.

Brad Pitt’s Workout For Troy

The obvious transformation happened five years later in year 2005 when Brad Pitt was offered to act in movie Troy. He got rid of his cigarettes, reduce beer consumption and cut down on chips. He trained with a new workout program focusing in adding muscles to bulk up. He worked out two hours in the gym two hours of sword work daily. The major difference of the training was the incorporation of legs workout. With muscles on his thighs, he had better proportionate physique with broad shoulders, strong back, and huge chest. Apart from that change, he also reduced the repetitions from 15 count to 8 counts. Still, as a good fat burning machine, added muscles did not make him look bulky and slow. After seven months of hard work, Brad Pitt added about 15 pounds of pure solid muscle.

I am sure Pitt’s female fan still remembered few scenes which Pitt showed off his butt in movie Troy. Pitt himself suggested to Director Petersen for that scene. He has done his research and knew that it was part of the Greek myth of the human body.

Brad Pitt’s Troy body shape, again, was not monstrous. He is still ripped and that shape is what many men are dying for – something not too big, not too small, 6-pack abs, nice chest and biceps.






If not because of what the movie directors wanted, Brad Pitt probably would never work out at gym. He admitted that he prefer sit on the porch with his dog.

Oh, before I go, just want to remind you that working out like Brad Pitt and eating like Brad Pitt may help you build his body shape, but they do not make you look as handsome as him.




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