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How To Build Cristiano Ronaldo’s Athlectic Body Shape

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Cristiano Ronaldo was the most expensive soccer player when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in year 2009.  Not only his skill, he has a ripped body shape.  With his new fame, he has replaced David Beckham as the spokesperson for the Emporio Armani underwear and jeans.  He has also appeared in numerous commercial advertisements with Nike, Castrol and Coke.


It is important to know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player.  He trains 6 hours a day.  Therefore, even if you follow the exact  his weight lifting workout routine, it may still impossible to build that symmetrical ripped body.

Like most soccer players, Ronaldo trains five days out of the week.  Strengthening muscles, cardiovascular exercise, playing informal matches and set play practice (practicing free kicks and penalty kicks) are part of their life.


Coupled with weight lifting routine, Ronaldo builds muscle mass to provide strength in his move.  Soccer is a very tough sport which requires good stamina, agility, power, speed and skill.  Football player need eruption of speed with powerful legs and flexible hamstring muscles to avoid injury.  That is why Ronaldo often does his explosive sprinting drills.  He also needs a strong core muscles to help balance his body while he is dribbling the ball.  In addition to that, he lift weights to train his shoulders and chest muscles.

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for his hard work.  Manchester United Alex Ferguson once said Ronaldo is good not because of luck, but because of his dedication and hard work in training.  He is obsessed with training routine.  He understands that no pain no gain saying and never slack while training.


As for Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet, he seldom drinks alcohol which has much calories.  He does not eat junk food.  Instead, he consumes protein rich food such as tuna, chicken and egg.

The “byproduct” of such activities is his low level of body fat percentage which give the lean body shape appearance.  Few sources said Ronaldo does at least 3000 abs crunches daily, which I have doubt.  300 repetitions, more likely.  No doubt, he has nice piece of 6-pack abs, but it is his low body fat that gives him the flat abs.



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