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How To Burn More Calories While Working in Office With TrekDesk Chair

December 26th, 2011 · No Comments ·


I just found another creative product for busy office workers to stay healthy – TrekDesk Chair. Now, this TrekDesk Chair is a flexible chair to be position under the deck of a treadmill and swings out of the way when not in use. It actually is an add-on to the TrekDesk.

The so called chair is actually an exercise ball. While I have heard stories that some office workers are actually sitting on exercise balls while doing their desk jobs, but to sit on the ball and at the same time moving the feet on the treadmill is something really new. I guess most will just sit still (without moving their feet) on the TrekDesk Chair and work. They can also opt to stand up and walk slowly while working on the TrekDesk.



Why sit on an exercise ball, you may ask. The company claims that it allows you to work on your core muscles (abdomen and lower back) while sitting. By stablizing yourself with your core muscles, it claims that you may burn up to 250 extra calories a day versus a regular chair. If you burn that amount of calories, you may lose about 17 pounds of fat in 1 year. But, I think bouncing on the ball occasionally to kill boredom is more fun.

Mun’s Comments:

  • This combination of treadmill and exercise ball may be suitable for people who have no time to exercise and spend long hours in office. However, the chair is not well suited for long period of time. So, alternate walking and sitting will be a good option.
  • For people with motion-sickness (like feeling dizzy while reading in a car), TrekDesk Chair may not be for you.
  • If TrekDesk, together with the chair, really get into offices, Michael Dell from Dell may sell it as part of his desktop/laptop configuration packages on the net.
  • As much as it looks good, unless you can good in multitasking, you may be distracted. The quality of work may be affected.

If you have tried this thing before, I would like to hear from you. Who knows, some of you may find it really helps in weight loss.



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