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How To Buy Sports Bra with 6 Solid Tips From a Seasoned Female Gym Goers

July 1st, 2011 · 2 Comments ·


Guys will not buy a car without scrutinizing the engine performance, checking out the audio or looking at the tires. Similarly, a girl should do the same to buy a sports bra. If chosen wrongly, a sports bra has many features that makes exercise experience extremely uncomfortable. But, if a girl knows what to look for, exercise could become a pleasure. Here is an excellent post written by one of this blog female readers, Jenny. She has been reading since August 2007. In this post, she talked about sports bra buying tips.

Dear readers,

Breasts are supported not by muscles, but by the Coopers ligaments. When we exercise, the movement of our breasts causes these ligaments to stretch – and the breasts to sag. Sad to say, once the ligaments have stretched, they are not going to snap back into shape.


With vigorous physical activities like jogging, horse riding, aerobic dance or cycling mountain bike, poor-fitting bra does not provide controllable and comfortable breast motions. As a result, exercise can cause discomfort and soreness of the breasts. It does not matter what bra size, the effect will be the same. I am not discouraging ladies from exercising, but what they should do – invest in a supportive sports bra, which can reduce the breast movement.

Top 6 Buying Tips for Sports Bra

Here are the tips:

  1. It depends on your size of breasts.
    • For smaller breasts, the compression-type bra will probably be sufficient. This style flattens your breasts and prevents them from bouncing.
    • As for larger breasts, you may need firmer support while exercising. The encapsulation type sports bra is a better choice, providing more support by separating each breast into a molded cup. You should look for extra material under the armpit to ensure ample coverage.
    • As a rule of thumb, sports bras with fastenings tend to be more supportive than those without. If a bra is stretchy enough to get it on and off without fastenings, then it is not going to provide enough support for high impact sports.

    • Compression style from Addidas ClimaCool MF Sports Bra

      Encapsulation type as shown below from Royce Impact Free sports bra

  2. If you wonder how much support do you need, it depends on what you are doing. High impact sports like running or volleyball require for a high level of support. For low impact activities like lifting weights, a crop top style is good enough. In practice, the sports bra should fit tightly enough to stop our breasts bouncing around while we are working out, but not so tightly that it is difficult to breathe. If you choose a compression style and do lots of running, look for a model that is at least 25 percent spandex. Anything less binding-yet-stretchy will have too much give
  3. Third, a good sports bra should not irritate you when you are giving it your all in the gym. Go for cushioned fastenings. The last thing I want is the bra fastening rubbing against my back.
  4. Fabrics that retain moisture can cause irritation. So, go for those which do not absorb sweat.
    • Avoid a total cotton made sports bra. Try model that is a blend of 50 percent cotton and breathable material like CoolMax or DoubleDry. Other common materials are nylon, lycra, and polyester. This way, even with excessive heat, your sports bra can keep you cool and dry. Such fabric can also minimize both perspiration and odor.



    • Look for cups that are seamless and insist on hooks or fasteners that are covered with fabric and cushioned for maximum protection.
  5. Furthermore, try on various sports bras before buying one. Do these few things:
    • Jump up and down to see if it supports you adequately.
    • Take a few deep breaths while you try on the bra. This test will give you a more accurate feeling on how the bra with fit during cardio while you are breathing heavy.
    • Check to see that wearing the bra does not limit your movements in any way.
  6. Last but not least, hey, we all want our sports bras to look good and fashionable, especially those who figure on wearing the bra on its own without a shirt. That said, do not fall into the trap of buying on looks alone. If the bra does not meet the other criteria, you will not want to keep wearing it, no matter how stylish.

In short, a good sports bra will not only stop the breasts from rocking, it will help maintain the shape too. If a sports bra does not give the support you want, layer a tank top over it and that should help keep everything in place. All women, and not only the well-endowed women, should realize the benefit from the support provided by a proper fitting sports bra. I personally is a fan the brand of Enell, Champion and Fiona sports bra (as shown below).


How To Take Care Of Your Sports Bra:

  • To make your sports bra last a longer time, treat your sports bras like fine lingerie. Wash them in a gentle cycle and in a garment bag so they do not get twisted and pulled in your washing machine. If you can, I am sure your sports bra will appreciate your hand washing effort. If you hand wash and line dry your sports bra instead of machine handle, it will last about twice as long.
  • Never put them in the dryer, as that weakens elasticity
  • Never wear the sports bra for too long. Change it every 6 to 12 months, depending how frequent you work out. Any signs of fabric breakdown are your cue to replace it.”



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  • Kristie // Jul 8, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    Thanks for the great tip. I have heard that you should replace your sports bras every twelve months. I have never tried them with fastenings, I will give them a try and see how it goes.

  • nina // Jan 26, 2012 at 11:25 PM

    Good tips. Good sports bra has to be correct size and snugly fitting. I love Shock Absorbers, good size range and many types. They are as far as I remember, all wire-free. Freya, on the other hand, developed underwired sports bra, and I plan to check it out in the future.

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