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How To Count Your Push-Up Easily?

March 9th, 2009 · 7 Comments ·


For some who do push up, keeping the correct form is a tough thing. Counting the repetition makes thing even more complicated. So, what is the solution?

One Japanese company, Konami, has invented Push Up Counter.

Position your chin over the red button. Every time you lower down, you will hit the button and it adds one count which you can see on the LCD screen. As the screen caters only for 3 digit, you can count up to 999 consecutive push-ups. So, for mutant who are able to push up 3,000 times, too bad, you need a better Push Up Counter which gives you 4 digit.




Actually, in addition to counting the number, indirectly, this counter ensures you go all the way down for an effective push up workout. No more cheating.

This small gadget is sold at 1,764 Yen (about $15). So, for people who have issue in counting, it is a handy tool.



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