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How To Gain Weight Fast With 7 Surefire Ways

July 16th, 2011 · 3 Comments ·


For the past 4 years ever since I set up, I have been sharing with my blog readers about ways to losing fat. Now, since people have been saying it is so tough to lose fat, let’s change the frequency and talk about ways to gain weight!

Yes, let’s take a break and look at 7 surefire ways to gain weight:

1. Take A Nap After Every Meal
Go to sleep every time you finish your meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat as much as possible then go directly to lie on bed, a time when your body does not use much energy and has a greater tendency to store food as fat.

2. Eat Fatty Meals With a Sugary Dessert
Not sure what to eat for lunch?  Easy, just eat fast food.  You can have burger with fries or fried chicken.  Too lazy to go to the restaurant?  Pick up the phone and make the home delivery order.

Eat sugar cookies with chocolate shake. The sugar will help raise your insulin levels, helping to push that fat directly into your fat cells where it will be safe. Be picky – no sugar, no food.

3. Do Not Eat Veggies
Vegetables have far too much fiber and will leave you feeling too full to eat enough afterward. If you love the taste of dip, save it for the potato chips. Chips have more calories.


4. Drink Alcohol Late At Night
Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, better than regular carbohydrates which only contain 4 calories per gram. On top of that, alcohol has the added bonus of turning off your fat burning hormones.

Remember to drink at night when your metabolism is at it is slowest.

5. Skip Breakfast, Have a Light Lunch and Heavy Dinner
If you are not able to follow rule number 1 (take a nap after every meal), no problem. Skip breakfast, have light lunch and heavy dinner. By skipping breakfast and depriving your body of fuel, you will help slow your metabolism early in the day when it normally would be at its fastest.

The light lunch should consist mainly of sugary foods to help skyrocket then plummet your blood sugar. This will help you to feel much hungrier when you sit down for the big feast of the day – dinner.

Dinner should consist of fatty meats, gravy, lots of butter and something fried. If you must have a salad, save it for last after you have finished up with your higher-calorie selections. Even if you have salad, be sure to cover it with enough dressing so that you cannot tell what color of food you are eating.

If you still want to eat something, end the day with supper.  French fries or pizza will do the trick before you sleep.


6. Save the Exercise For the Next New Year
Exercising will only burn off precious calories. It will also help build muscle mass, which is a definite not what you want. Muscle will burn up those valuable calories that you have worked so hard for all day long. When you want to go working out at your gym, tell yourself that you still have plenty of time, your health is fine and you can afford to wait.

Leave the resolution till new year eve.

7. Drink Soda
Do not drink plain water.  Do not drink milk.  Do not drink fresh fruit juice.

Drink Coke instead for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now, put all these 7 weight gain strategies into effect and I guarantee that you will gain weight from fat, and not muscle.  Let me know if I miss out any other surefire ways to gain weight.

Note: This is not a typical post.  I hope that you have read between the lines.  For healthy weight gain, check out this article – What To Eat To Gain Weight For Hardgainer?




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  • Koolio // Jul 16, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    I thought you will be writing an article on how to gain weight the healthy way..haha

  • blackhuff // Jul 18, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    Very nice post :)

  • Arnav Sarkar // Aug 1, 2011 at 3:05 AM

    I think it maybe fair to add one more point:

    CUT DOWN ON STRESS CONTROL AND NIGHT TIME SLEEP: A surefire way to add weight is to stress out about every thing and to stay stressed as long as possible, and also ensure that you NEVER get more than 5 hours of sleep a night. It will raise those healthy hormones Insulin, Cortisol, Adrenaline to the point where they ultimately wear out and your body is primed to store more fat, while you learn to live on having office donuts and coffee every 45 minutes just to stay from falling asleep.

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