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How To Get Immortals Warriors’ Ripped Physique

November 3rd, 2011 · 1 Comment ·


Immortals is an action adventure film.  It is produced by the same producers from 300 movie.

Henry Cavill is the lead actor (as Theseus) in this movie.  Yes, Henry Cavill, the same actor who will play Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel movie scheduled to be released in year 2013.

Henry and other Immortals crew including Kellan Lutz have been working out hard to prepare the warrior roles for the movie.  As Immortal is quite similar to 300, the crew was trained by the same 300 movie trainer.









I have written about 300 workout.  It is a circuit training which groups several challenging movements that work the entire body into a circuit.  It consists of compound workout.  If you want a balanced set of muscles, be it upper or lower body, this workout is the answer. For the detailed write-up, check out How To Build 300 Warrior’s Body with Gym Workouts

Kellan Lutz, who played the role of Greek god Poseidon, has been working out daily.  In order to bulk up to 220 pounds (100 kilogram), he had to eat 16 eggs every morning.  He did push up, throwing wheels, and lifting rocks.

Once Henr Cavill, Kellan Lutz and other crews have build up the muscles, they had to reduce their diet to take just enough food to recover from workout.  The reason the trainers did so was to ensure the muscles are lean with low body fat.  Henry Cavill managed to cut down his body fat percentage to 6%.  With the thin layer of body fat, he was able to show off his 6-pack rock hard abs.  What is equally important is the diet.  Henry’s trainer had to “babysit” him to ensure he ate only selected food to get the ripped physique.







As I mentioned in the 300 workout, the workout is not for faint hearted people.  It is very exhaustive.  Experience gym goers who attempted it end up throwing up.  Do not ever try it if you are just started working out.  You need a good personal trainer to guide you and to motivate you.



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