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How To Ride Outdoor With An Indoor Stationary Bike?

November 9th, 2010 · 4 Comments ·


Many enjoy riding outdoor, but dealing with traffic, cold weather or bad neighborhood can be a factor stopping people from doing it. Now, technology has taken indoor bike riding experience to another level. Trixter X-Dream Exercise Bike is the indoor cycling machine which simulates the experience of riding outdoor.

But, wait a minute, we have seen many ordinary stationary bikes at gym. So, what is the big deal with XDream bike?


How XDream Exercise Bike Different From Other Stationary Bike?

  1. You will have real gears, handlebars, brakes and pedals. Your move will be detected by the sensor and it will be shown on the screen in front of you. The bike will mimic the resistance of the actual road conditions, whether going up a slope or corner. The feel is pretty like those you experience in playing a video game, but you are better off from XDream bike because you have to sweat for the game, and not just sitting comfortably at the couch.
  2. Motivation often is neglected in most exercise program. XDream has the motivational personalized training program. With the visual and audio effect, the machine put you in a virtual world of competition which you will ride fast and hard. Once you win, you are rewarded with new courses, features and levels. XDream bike manufacturer, Trixter, has partnered with i3Sport and Sumo digital to create the expert software.
  3. xdream-fitness-bike-edit-setting.jpg


  4. Because of the above two features, one tend to work not only the legs, but also the upper body to handle different type of road surfaces and conditions. Therefore, the Trixter claimed that its XDream bike can help the cyclist to burn more calories than a typical indoor bike, as much as 55% more.

Before I forgot, just like other indoor bike, wearing helmet is optional with this bike.

With Wii Sports, and now XDream, the age of interactive fitness is a trend which we should not neglect. However, not everyone can afford this machine which has the price tag close to $9000 which includes deliver, installation, training and warranty. I am hoping to see this bike in my gym.







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  • KevL // Nov 9, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    “Motivation often is neglected in most exercise program. XDream has the motivational personalized training program.”

    Too often, people forget that motivation is something that is created from within, and not sourced from without.

    The XDream looks like a real cool equipment though. It has both the ‘gaming’ and ‘real outdoor biking’ experience blended together. The ‘gaming’ part of the equipment is something I find pretty unique as there is a need for a biker to ‘up his game’ when he gets better.

    The hefty price tag of $9000 didn’t come as a surprise, and not many people can afford it or would want it. Many if not most hardcore outdoor bikers would probably not consider this as it would steal away all the realistic outdoor biking experience.

  • Aizan // Nov 10, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    A real bike won’t cost 9 grand. And it’s more fun.

    Nothing beats ‘real biking’ just like playing actual tennis beats Wii Tennis’ ass any day.

    Humans are getting lazier and more ridiculous. 9 grand would by me a decent home gym AND a decent bike with still some money to spare.

  • keith // Nov 19, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    If you have the cash, though, I bet this would be pretty fun in the winter months.

  • Jeffrey // Nov 3, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    My gym has one and it is awesome, very easy to ride for an hour and it doesn’t seem like your on the bike that long. I hate riding on exercise bikes and spin bikes but this is great. I would not buy one myself for home, way too expensive. I see a lot of people get on the bike for 5 minutes and give up as they don’t want to have to think. You have to steer the bike or the computer simulates a crash.

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