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How To Run Faster and Longer with Better Form?

July 12th, 2011 · 2 Comments ·


Some people are natural born runners. They have stamina and they run with good pace. The most important, they have good running form. The truth is, you do not have to envy the talented runners, you too, can run as good as them, if not better. The trick is to learn a little but about the physics of running and adopt some of the “tricks” of these good runners. In this article, I will share with you the recommended form in running.

1) Head. How you hold your head will influece your overall posture. If you look ahead and not down at your feet, you will then straighten your neck and back naturally. Do not stick out your chin while looking ahead.

2) Shoulders. Your shoulders should be low and loose and not high and tight. Don’t pull them back either. By doing this, your upper body will be relaxed while you are running. If your shoulders are hight toward your ears, you will have unncessary tension at the shoulders and neck. Your shoulders should also remain level and not to dip from side to side with each stride. If you find it hard to relax, a deep exhale wll help.


3) Arms. Swing your arms forward and back in a straight line and not across your body (from left to right and vice versa ). The swinging motion (one forward and one backward) should be between lower chest and waist level. Bent your elbow at about 90 degree.

4) Fist. Some people like to clench their fists tightly, but I recommend you to loose them up a little bit. Just cup them loosely. Fingers touch the palms lightly. Imagine yourself holding crispy potato chip in each hand without crushing it.

5) Torso. Because you are not dashing for 100 meter or running uphill, you do not have to lean forward too much. With your head up looking ahead and loose shoulders, your back should be straighten naturally with upright position which promotes optimal lung capacity and stride length.

4) Feet. Most good runners have their feet strike the ground directly beneath their body. Push off the ground with maximum force. But, when your foot hit the ground, do it lightly and quietly. Land between heel and midfoot, then quicky roll forward. As you roll onto your toes, try to spring off the ground. You will feel your calf muscles pushing you forward for each step. Try to make as short as possible the time your foot is on the ground. Keep your stride short.


5) Breathing. I shall leave the detailed technique of breathing in other post. But, in most cases, your breathing will take care of itself. When you run faster, you will breathe faster. It is an instinct. If you have to breathe through mouth in addition to nose, let it be. For most people, it is impossible to breath enough oxygen just by nose.

Workouts That Help You To Run Faster
Here are 3 workouts you may want to incorporate in your training at gym to help you building the leg power and strength:

  1. standing-heel-raise-for-calves-muscle.jpgStanding calves raise
  2. single-legged-squat.jpgSingle leg squat
  3. plank-with-elbows-and-leg-raise.jpgElbow plank with leg raise

Hopefully, after reading the above tips, you will incorporate some of them in your next running practice. Enjoy your run and make it easier!




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  • blackhuff // Jul 12, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    What a great post and thank you for sharing those exercises. Gave me some ideas :)

  • Lisa Rambo // Jul 16, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    I think that you gave a well-detailed and comprehensive explanation and illustration of good running form. I think that it is also essential to mention that to improve your speed, cross training is a must. I started competing in half marathons with some friends who were seasoned runners about 6 years ago. These friends would log many miles of running for every workout, but I decided to continue my well-balanced workouts of full-body weight training and varied cardio routines besides my running workouts. Within one year, I was beating these friends in every half-marathon by 5-7 minutes. I now swear by cross training; I believe that by working out differently every workout strengthens the entire body and equates to an all-around better fit body. Form and certain leg exercises are a component to more successful running, but I think that the best runners, as shown by professional athletes’ programs, incorporate a total training package.

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