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How To Sit Properly At Your Desk Without Getting Tired Even After Long Hours?

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Office workers spend most of the time sitting at their desks.  I have to work in front of my laptop at least 5 hours a day.  I realize that it is important to sit at a well designed workstation with a good sitting posture, otherwise, I will feel tired, especially my lower back.

Here are few things you may want to consider:

Top 10 Tips To Sit Properly at Your Desk

    1. Adjust the height of your chair so that your hips are between 90 and 120 degrees.  Your feet should be flat on the floor.  If your feet is hanging without touching the floor, the chair is too high or the desk is too low for you and you may need to use a foot rest.  The footrest can be just a box or a cushion board.  I used stiff foam for my previous table.
    2. Sit upright with your back straight.  If you need a lower back support, you can place a small pillow there.  Do not lean forward too much for too long because you may stress your lower back and neck.
    3. For relaxation of muscles and shifts in working postures, you may want to consider getting chair with the seat back that can tilt backward to an angle of 15 degrees or more from the vertical.
    4. Your elbows should be vertically under your shoulders.  So, move your chair either forwards or backwards.  I have a chair which has armrests.  The armrests would hit the edge of the desk when I moved the chair closer to the desk.  Nowadays, I bought only chair with adjustable arm rests.desk-ergonomic-sitting-posture.jpgbad-desk-ergonomic.jpgbad-sitting-posture.jpg
    5. In fact, another problem with fixed-height armrests is that it can be too low and making you to slump down to them.  If you are reading for hours, having support at the armrest can be a great helpbecause it takes some weight of your arms off your shoulder and neck muscles.  The use arm rests is a matter of debate. Some people claims that they can aggravate wrist problems and encourage poor posture if the arms are rested on them while typing.  Others laud their usefulness as a resting place when not typing.  My personal experience told me that it really depends on their design.Ergo-Value-Mesh-Mid-Back-Task-Chair.jpg
    6. If you are using normal keyboard, you get a wrist rest to support your wrist.  Your keyboard should be in line or lower than your elbow joint. Bending your wrist too much for long hours may give wrist problem.  If you are using laptop, some laptops do provide “wrist-friendly” rest area when you type.  Otherwise, you may want to invest in a  good ergonomic keyboard. I have a laptop, but when I am working at home, I prefer to use an ergonomic keyboard with it.
    7. Take your hand off the mouse occasionally. Holding your hand on the mouse too long may cause tension in your neck and shoulders. When you are not using the mouse, just let go of it.  In fact, I find learning shortcuts can be helpful.  Using some simple shortcut such as CTRL+C (for copying) and CTRL+V (for pasting) do not only save time, but also reduce the time you keep using the mouse and that saves you the pain of not being able to turn your head.


    8. The top of your monitor should be at eye level.  So, in this case, your eyes are looking horizontally or slightly down at the screen.   If the screen is too low, get a thick book under the screen to raise it adequately.  By doing this, you will reduce the possible neck pain.
    9. Adjust the distance of your monitor. For most people, the screen should be between 22 inches to 26 inches away.  Placing too far away will make your eye working hard to focus.  If you have some money to spare, consider changing old CRT monitor with a new bigger LCD screen which not only save space, but also gives better clarity and less radiation.
    10. Do not sit still at your desk for few hours. Move around every now and then.  Walk to pantry to get water.  Walk to mail box to get your letters.  By getting away from the chair, you will relieve pressure you may feel on your bum and spine.

So, have a better sitting posture and enjoy working at your desk.  I am sure you have other experience to share.  Feel free to leave your comment.



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