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How To Speed Up Recovery with IonX Recovery Gear?

April 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment ·


After hours of working out, we need to give time to our bodies rest for recovery purpose. How nice will it be if we can speed up the process. For athletes who train almost every day, the need of recovery is even important. Based on this critical need, Canterbury has come out with IonX Recovery Gear.

IonX Recovery Gear is Canterbury new line athletic apparel. These sportswear and accessories include shirts, pants, shorts and braces. The main objective is to accelerate recovery so that these athletes can train the next day even after hours of hard work. In short, it helps the athlete’s body create more energy and restore balance.


How IonX Works?

  • Short version of explanation for those who are lazy to read the details:
    • Ionx Recovery Gear are tight-fitting layers worn next to the skin.
    • They are saturated with negative ions.
    • These ions, according to manufacturers’ claim, increase oxygen flow during exercise and can speed recovery and removal of lactic acid and therefore improving overall athletic performance.



  • Longer version of explanation for those who are keen to find out more:
    • According to Canterbury, when we expend energy, the molecules in our body are left holding a positive charge. Positively charged ions alone do not give any benefit and can actually be harmful to health. These ions need a negative ion to couple with for stabilization. The imbalance or instability created in our bodies created through exercising is only rectified over a period of time, during which the body can naturally recover.
    • IonX garments overcome this problem by creating a negatively charged electromagnetic field around the body. This magnetic filed will work to restore the energy and create the balance in our bodies. Negative ions in the fabric pass through the skin, neutralize the positive ions and transform them into a storage bank of usable energy.
    • Because IonX is in direct contact with the skin and working with body’s own electromagnetic charge, the fabric naturally enables maximum absorption of the negative ions.
    • Therefore, with these activities, IonX can:
      • Stimulate muscle activity (contraction and regeneration) and power output
      • Provide a natural way to sustain high-intensity exercise over a longer period
      • Accelerate muscle repair, regeneration and recovery.



Ionx was introduced in conjunction with the Rugby World Cup 2007 and it has been worn worn by 5 of the 20 competing teams. The organizing board has given a green light on the question whether these shirts are approved for competition. In fact, some of the world-class athletes, including Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya and PGA golfer Jim Furyk, have used IonX to recover from injury.

Mun’s Comment:
IonX Recovery Gear is not something new. These gears fall under performance apparel category. Nike has Dri Fit, Reebok has Hydromove and not forget about Under Armour’s Performance Apparel. They are all trying to do similar thing. However, the focus is still on the professional athlete and not so much on amateur athlete because of the price.

Like it or not, many years ago, no one will buy in the idea of making money by selling ions, what’s more through sports apparel. Today, we already have companies doing that. Good or bad, we shall wait and see.







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  • Curtis // Apr 29, 2008 at 7:35 AM

    I have never heard of IonX but I use Nike Dri Fit all the time! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for these products in the future!

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