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Is Muscle Growth Still Possible If Weight Training Starts at Late Fifties?

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I happened to know a friend who is in his late fifties at the gym few weeks ago. He just joined the gym and only started working out since then. He wondered whether he still can expect muscle growth at his age with weight training. In fact, when we age, we will lose muscle mass. Therefore, weight training will slow down the process.

For older adult like my friend, yes, muscle growth is still possible at his age. The amount he can achieve depends on his natural levels of testosterone (which unfortunately decrease as man get older) and the type of training he does. However, I am absolutely honest with him that he may not see the same results as someone in twenties.

The type of exercise that will help an old man the most with muscle gain is basically the same for others. Go for basic compound exercises that work the most amount of muscle mass, such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and barbell rows. Eat enough food, especially protein. Rest and work out regularly. Follow these basic principles, be it young or old gym goers, no one can go wrong.


A late fifties men or women may find that they need longer recuperation periods as they get older, especially when they are lifting heavier weights. Longer period to rest is normal. They just need a little more time in between heavy workouts.

Train every other day with a split program that works one or two muscle groups in one session like half the body one day then the other half of the body the next session. This workout approach should give anyone enough time for the recovery and keep the muscle growth continues.

So, it is never too late to start lifting weight. Start slowly though and get advice from doctors if you have arthritis or other health problems.



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