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Is Sparkling Water Really Bad For Health?

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One of my friends likes drinking sparkling water instead of having plain water.  In fact, he told me that he has been drinking sparkling water for years.

If you drink sparkling water too, have you wondered whether sparkling water giving any negative effect to your body?

Before we find out the answer, let’s know what exactly is sparkling water.

Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water, fizzy water or seltzer.  It is produced when carbonation takes place, in which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved in plain water.  By bottling the water, the gas is contained.  When the bottle is opened, the pressure releases and bubbles will form.  The bubbles tickles our taste buds, and makes a nice change from regular water.  (Never shake the sparkling water because it builds the pressure of carbon dioxide.)

Sparkling water may be plain, or may be infused with flavors like cherry, lemon, lime and raspberry.  It can have nutrients or minerals too.  Manufacturers also adds syrups into the drink, making it more like sodas, although the sugar level is low compared to most soft drinks.  Do not get confused sparkling water with mineral water.

You may heard the carbon dioxide in water is acidic and therefore causing tooth decay.  However, contrary to belief, sparkling water is not the main culprit to cause erosion to your enamel. The damage is minimal and you have to drink significant amount of sparkling water in order to cause that effect.  Soft drink, which contains phosphoric acid and sugar, definitely is more harmful to your teeth.

Another myth is about sparkling water stripping calcium out of your bones and therefore causing you to have osteoporosis. The truth is that no conclusive studies to confirm that claim.  In fact, another school of thought believe that sparkling water may even keep calcium locked in your bones.

Some people also say that drinking too much sparkling water may cause dehydration, especially for people in sports.  If you are drinking cola which has caffeine, yes, it is possible because caffeine cause your kidneys to produce more urine which may lead to dehydration.  But, if you just drink a non-flavor sparkling water, I do not see how it really cause dehydration.  The only possible reason is that carbonation in the water may make you feel fuller.  So, people tend to drink sparkling water slower than plain water and therefore consume less of it.

Having mentioned the above points, 2 things you need to watch out:

  1. Read the label, especially on the flavored sparkling water.  Some are enhanced with natural fruit juices but most have sugar or artificial sweeteners which you should avoid or minimize.
  2. Due to the bubble, some people may experience bloating or gas from drinking sparkling water.

For pregnant lady, nothing really harmful if you drink sparkling water.  In fact, one of my friends stopped drinking her favorite  beer by drinking sparkling water with juice.  It is definitely a healthier choice compared with calorie-loaded alcoholic cocktails in fine dining.

My advice is, drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day.  Whether it is plain water or sparkling water. If you want to go easy with your wallet, avoid sparkling water because it can be expensive.  Sparkling water brands include Perrier, Mihalkovo, Badoit, Gerolsteiner, San Pelligrino, Wattwiller, Ferrarelle and Borsec.  Processed beverage like sparkling water makes big money.  After all, it is water with gas inside.  Cheap to make, great to sell.


Go for plain water.  If it is too plain for your taste, add a slice of lemon in your flat water.




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