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Life Fitness Cardio Machines Raise A Step Matching Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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After Nike + iPod Sport Kit hit the fitness market, many users are expecting more interactive feature from workout machines. Life Fitness has noticed that. In its latest Elevation Series, treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike is equipped with LCD touch screen with integrated TV.  You will find built in entertainment and motivation elements too. This move has opened up another new chapter in the fitness world.

In order to support for broader range of exercisers, Life Fitness has also catered for users with iPod. You can actually upload your workout music or videos from iPods to the machine so that you can listen or watch them when you exercise. Even if you do not upload any video from your iPod, you can see the visually appealing landscape at the LCD screen as you run or cycle. Depending whether you choose mountain track, nature trail or short run like 400 meter path, you see different views.





The console of the machines will also show the menu of Life Fitness Virtual Trainer. This virtual trainer motivates and educates the users throughout their workout. Similar with Nike + iPod Sport Kit, users can select male or female trainer. It is actually better because you can see the trainer appearing on the integrated LCD screen and advice you one the basic of a workout, from describing the programs to updates on your progress.


If you do not have iPod, no worry, you still can save your workout date to a USB stick and download the information to a special Life Fitness website, Vivo. From there:

  • You can monitor your workout length, distance and intensity.
  • You can also plan workouts on a fitness calendar.
  • You can create a program at the website and download it to your USB stick. You can later then upload it to the machine for your workout. So, it is easier to get on the machine and exercise with the machine automatically adjusts to the chosen workout. In fact, for personal trainer who design programs for his client, he will like this feature too.



The current series of Life Fitness which have the above interactive features are Elevation Series of Engage and Inspire machines.

Once again, technology has made life easier for fitness enthusiasts.



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