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Little Known Way To Tone Up Your Upper Body With BodyCircles

July 13th, 2013 · No Comments ·


Some people, especially women, join Pilates class with the intention to tone up muscles.  One manufacturer has taken the opportunity to come out this things called BodyCircles.  These circles are actually small padded hula hoops meant for your arms.  When you spin with them, you are working your biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back.

You may think spinning the circles is very easy, but once you try them, you will realize that you need some coordination to keep them around your arms.  I have put them on and tried them.  I got the circles flung across my room, one hitting the ceiling and others almost landed on my vase.  So, it is better to start practicing in place where you do not have vase.  Also, if you are spinning it too hard, you may hurt yourself with bruises on your arm.  So, coordination with controlled movement is important.


The entire workout, if you just follow the workout DVD, lasts about 14 to 15 minutes.  You will spend half of the time to stretch your arm and the remaining playing with the circles.  The first few minutes, you may find spinning too easy.  But, after some time, your shoulders and triceps will be screaming and the last 7 to 8 minutes can be like an hour for you.

If you are looking for workout which gives pilates feel, this workout with BodyCircles you may want to try.  However, if you seriously want to build your upper body strength with toned arms, you also need to incorporate some weight trainings for your shoulders, arms, chest and back.  As for me, I have given BodyCircles to my aunt and I am sure she will appreciate them more than me.  I still prefer my weight lifting routine at gym.  If you want to give it a try, get it from Amazon.




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