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Resistance Training Guide: Muscles, Movements & More

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Getting started with resistance training can be daunting. Stepping out of the cardio section and into the weights room of your local gym can be challenging for many people. You may feel that you don’t know how to use the equipment, you don’t have the right techniques or that you simply don’t know where to begin. Starting out on your resistance-training journey can seem overwhelming in the beginning but with the right approach, you will soon be reaching your goals.


Resistance training increases the strength and size of your muscles through the use of resistance such as resistance bands, weights, bodyweight and suspension training equipment. When you engage in resistance training, your muscle fibres are broken down, the body repairs them and they grow stronger as a result. This allows you to become stronger and to sculpt your perfect body.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of resistance training and how you can get started.

Start With The Right Exercises

When you are starting out with resistance training, it’s important that you choose the right exercises for your goals. Typically speaking multi-joint exercises are more efficient at building muscle than single-joint movements. With more muscles involved in the movement, you can increase the resistance and get better results faster. Speak to a trainer about your goals and let them help you to develop a resistance program specific to your targets.

Use The Right Level Of Resistance

Before you start stacking weights on the Olympic bar, be sure to consider your abilities. Setting the resistance too high too soon will lead to sore muscles and potential injuries that could set you on the sidelines for weeks hindering your progress. Instead, start with resistance bands to get your body used to the movements. You can incorporate bodyweight exercise to build some base strength before finally stepping up to the weights area. Although it might seem counterintuitive, with a slow and steady approach you will reach your goals faster.

Do Multiple Sets

The point of resistance training is to tire your muscles out in order to break down the muscle fibres so they can rebuild to be bigger and stronger. Aim for three to four sets of each exercise with a weight or resistance band that you can just complete the final reps with. If you cannot complete the final two to three reps of your final set, you are using the right weight. You need to be challenged through each set that you do to ensure that you build muscle efficiently with resistance training.

Keep Proper Form

Failing to stay in control through each rep and maintain proper form can lead to injuries. Use your breath to control the movement, exhaling at the top of the movement and inhaling through your effort. Maintaining proper form is crucial when you are resistance training. If you are just starting out, be sure to get your trainer to check your positioning from time to time to ensure that you are not developing any bad habits that could hurt your progress down the line.

Begin Your Resistance Training Journey With Confidence

Resistance training is a highly effective way of enhancing your workout routine to get better results in less time. Not only can resistance training help you to build bigger, stronger muscles but it can help you to burn more calories too. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue which means the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn when you’re resting. Reap the rewards of resistance training by adding it to your workout routine two to three times per week and start achieving your fitness goals sooner.



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